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Namhah Cabo da Roca, Black Tea.

I love tea and I can drink at any time of the day, it is a mood & stress buster for me and keeps me active throughout the day. I take real tea, that is No Milk & No Sugar in my tea…it is only tea so I need the best tea that can brew in just hot water, leaving an air of fresh aroma to tickle my senses and this beverage proved right for me. In reality, the raw tea is good for health but as the culture of drinking tea spread wide, it underwent lot of changes in preparation and the preparation changed from one region to another and it even had the impact of varied cultures, so if you drink specific tea of a place, you can judge the region by the taste of the beverage. People started adding ample milk and ample sugar to add to the taste of tea…in my view, they have spoiled the real taste of tea and very few like me love the tea in its originality…My tea is easy to make but the choice of tea leaf is very important because I don’t add anything extra other than hot water…at my home, people find easy to brew my tea though they have to make tea several times in a day…one bad secret about me…I do all the work by myself but I don’t brew tea for myself…if guests drop in, I prepare tea enthusiastically but if I have to drink alone…I keep on searching someone to pass me a favor by passing a cup of hot tea.

One fine day, I received an email from the Co-Founder of Namhah to taste the tea and review the product honestly…for a tea lover, it was one of the best option and I nodded in affirmation and finally the products that I chose for myself dropped in…the best part of this Start up that I liked was that they gave me the liberty to choose the flavour and I zeroed in on Cabo da Roca, Black Tea.
Cabo da Roca, Black Tea.

About Namhah:

It is a Start-up that took its advent in the tea valley of Guwahati, Assam, India. Three close friends, basically tea-lovers who loved premium tea floated the idea to bring tea of premium quality and flavor to the people of India at an affordable price and make available throughout the length & breadth of the country. Mr. Ankit’s family was in tea business since six decades and he had ample exposure of tea industry and the insights of Mr. Ankit and the tea lover Mr.Abhishek started a joint venture under the  brand Namhah to provide the best quality of tea to the people of India and abroad at a reasonable rate. Namhah strived to revolutionize a 150-year-old industry with the use of modern technology – Internet of Things, Machine learning, specialized packaging and subscription services. Namhah is a deeply rooted Indian brand with a global outlook. They believe in presenting premium tea to their customers and they are treading on the path to establish themselves in an innovative way.
Packaging: is quite attractive. Cabo da Roca, Black Tea comes in a cardboard packaging of 25 sachets in one pack. The tea bags comes in net and it is packed inside a paper pouch. The company has come up with such packaging to retain the aroma of the tea and even it is hygienic. All the details & information of the tea are embossed on the package.
Pricing: INR 299/25 Sachets.

Cabo da Roca, Black Tea bags brews at 95°C and brewing time is only 2 minutes. Put the tea bag in the mug and pour hot water over it. Cover the lid for few seconds and your tea is ready to drink. The aroma & flavor of the tea is mind blowing and the hue is refreshing. I recommend to try the premium teas of Namhah, there are lot of varieties to choose from. I fell in love with Cabo da Roca, Black Tea and I have placed fresh order for the same. I served Cabo da Roca, Black Tea to my friends and guests and they loved the aroma. It gives the feeling of freshness as if we are sailing in the tea valley. It goes perfect for me as I prefer pure liquor tea. The people who cannot go without sugar can add to it and few drops of lemon will do wonder.
My Take: 
Namhah was a new name for me in the context of Tea. When I tasted for the first time, my taste buds tickled at the aroma and true taste of the tea and felt as if I was sitting amidst Tea Valley, there was so much of fresh feeling. Now I prefer drinking Namhah brand beverage and wish to continue with it. I have even shared my experience with my friends and relatives. It is a healthy beverage, blend of good flavor, freshness and soothing aroma and it leaves you refreshed. It is rich in antioxidants and other nutrients and revitalizes eliminating toxins from our body and enhances respiratory functions. I prefer strong tea so I use one tea bag at one time but those who love light flavor can use the tea bag for brewing two cups of tea or can use the same tea bag twice.
My Ratings: 4/5.
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*Received PR Samples and Review is Unbiased. 

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  1. Anagha Yatin says:

    Seems to be a great refreshing brew! Can be an ideal gift for a true tea lover? Thanks for sharing info!
    -ANAGHA from Team Mocktailmommies

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