Five Amazing Online Shopping Portals for Kids! #Clothing #Children

Festivals are round the corner and Mommies get
busy with the preparations and as soon as we become Moms, our whole attention is
grabbed by our kids.

Women love shopping and shopping for our cuties is
even more interesting and I heartily thank the technology that has gifted us
with the various portals of shopping online.
Online shopping has given us lot of freedom and we
spend our free time in touring different portals to be aware of the clothing
that is in vogue and the different shopping sites come up with different range,
colours, designs, offers and discounts.
Online shopping has made the life easy of the
working women. We don’t need to take off from our work to run for shopping and
we can shop easily at any time of the hour. Online shopping has proved boons
for the Mommies who are busy with their career and home because we surf the
sites after completing our assignments and within the cosy precincts of our
home. There is no hurry to choose, we have ample time to zero in and go through
the offers and discounts reeling on various portals.
Months ahead, I start the virtual tour of the
sites and start saving my favorites in my cart so that I can finally decide
what to buy and gift to my cuties on the eve of festivals.
Shopping for kids are very refreshing and at
times, we fulfil our dreams through them.
Today, I am going to tell you about 5 favourite
shopping portal that I use for shopping for my cute kids and I am in love with
their terrific designs for kids.
 First Cry is one of the shopping
platform that I trust to do shopping for my kids as well as for the kids of my
family and friends. They have a wide range of clothing suitable for all children
age groups and occasions and has ample designs and colours and are fairly priced. They have
a variety and price range is suitable for all types of takers. Even the
material is comfortable and good and I rely on the products of First Cry. They
come up with attractive offers too. First cry is also one stop solution for the
things that you need for your kidoos.’

Hopscotch is one of the best portals for
children clothing and they have a wide range to choose from and the clothes are
segregated by age and requirements and the portal is quite user friendly, which
makes the shopping even more interesting. I prefer this portal for my children
or for giving out to my relatives or friends children. It is fairly priced and
you can opt for the one that your pocket allows. My niece is happy with my
choice when I buy exclusive designer outfits for her from Hopscotch.
 Amazon has come a long way in online
shopping portal and you can bag attractive offers during festivals. They have
multiple range of clothing for the kids and their price range is too wide, so
people from all sections can afford to shop at Amazon for their kids clothing.
Here you can buy from casual wears to designer wear and I love shopping at
Jabong presents variety to choose for
your kids of all ages and all sizes and they present trendy & comfortable
clothing and has range of exclusive wears too for the upcoming festivals. It is
easy on pockets and I like to indulge. There have cashback offers too.

Bonorganik is the amazing online
shopping portal for clothing as this presents matching clothes for Dad and Son,
Mom and Daughter and various other combinations of outfits for whole family and
siblings and these styles are much in vogue and my better half loves to flaunt
with same designer clothes for father and son and when we plan to travel, we
opt the dresses meant for family and for a change, it looks nice and feel good
factor comes in. They present exclusive designs.
There are many online shopping
portals but these 5 attracts me more and in my free time, I surf these portals
and keep myself updated with the styles of clothing that are in vogue. I look
for trendy outfits and at the same time, comfortable clothes so that my kids
cheer in my choices and they cheer flaunting in the outfits that I purchased
for them.
Their wide smiles make my day and
I feel truly blessed.

These are my choices, Share yours
with us.
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How child actor Rieky Patel balances his studies and acting? #StarBharat

  It seems like, child artist Rieky Patel who is
seen essaying the lead role of Krish in Star Bharat’s (Life OK – rebranded)
recently launched thriller drama ‘Ayushaman Bhava’ has mastered the art of time

Yes, Rieky who plays the
role of Krish is managing shoot and his studies together. In real life, this 8
year old balances acting and studies perfectly. While he leaves no stone
unturned to deliver a perfect shot every time, he also ensures that his studies
are not affected by shooting schedules. Every day he attends his school in the
morning and shoots in the evening.  Also,
after each shot, he takes time out for a quick revision of whatever he learnt
at school that day.
When we asked Rieky about the same, he said “Yes, I go to school
in the morning and then come on the set. For me, the show and my education,
both are equally important and I am trying my best to balance the two. The good
thing is that the team out here is very supportive. I am lucky to be able to
manage both.”

Watch ‘Ayushaman Bhava’ from Monday to Friday at 9.30 pm only on
Star Bharat

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You Don’t Need To Hit The Gym To Remain Healthy! #Health #Active #Saffola


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Health is wealth is an old adage and we all know the benefits of possessing good health but do we really push ourselves towards attaining and maintaining good health. Sound health keeps one happy and irritation is at bay.
Sedentary lifestyle and mechanized offices have added more flabs & pounds to our body and the junk & readymade food is the real culprit and further stress flares up.
These days people are becoming conscious of their health and follow several advertisement advice to reduce and keep oneself fit but most of them don’t continue for long and drop midway, the consequence is they regain more than what they lost. At times, they lose interest to maintain and take for granted that it is not their cup of tea.
Down the years, people relished on rich food and even they had good appetite to digest them, the good reason behind it was that they burnt the calories that they consumed because they led an active life, walked miles to reach schools and offices and the children played in fields and the women were physically active in managing home, laundry and home management without any gadgets and managed to keep themselves in shape.
Nowadays, life is driven on gadgets, so physical exertion is minimal and mental stress is optimum.
In one of the reports on gym, I came across a reported fact that said that all the people who register for gym sessions, all don’t turn up or continue with the gym sessions and it said that this extra money is the real profit generated by gym owners and they even spilled the fact if attendance goes to 100% then the gym will nose dive to losses. This stats clearly indicates that the people are eager to indulge in exercises but they cannot make it to the gym, each person has a different excuse for not been present to the gym.


On doctors visit, a doctor suggests exercises and the patients give excuses that they don’t have time to spare for exercises and briefs a long list of been occupied. The helpless doctor passes a smile because he knows well that his patient lacks the willingness to exercise.
Why don’t we change our lifestyle and enjoy the exercises in the precincts of our home with our partner and children?
We don’t need extra time and place to exercise. Change the style of your working inside the home and try to do maximum chores by yourself.
The young parents wake up early to prepare for work and send children to school. The husbands can involve themselves in tidying bed sheets and dusting the layers of furnishings and home décor while the wife is busy with the kitchen and getting the kids ready for school.
Don’t wait for your partner to handover you a cup of tea…walk and get one for yourself. Till tea water boils, spin your hands in circular motions, clockwise and anti-clockwise…your tea will be ready to sip till you do ten times each.
Balcony Garden
Plant some plants in your balcony, this too will help in exerting your muscles and water them regular intervals, prune & manure them weekly and enjoy seeing them grow…it will lend you happiness and will keep you active.
Rise early and watch the sunrise and do some breathing exercises…your lungs will be filled with fresh air and you will feel nice. If you are bored to do alone, call your partner and your kids to give you a company…the lungs of the whole family would be oxygenated and day of all would start on a positive note.
If you feel early morning sickness, ask your kids to wake you up. Just tell them that you all be will be going to the park next to your house for playing, they won’t leave any stone unturned in waking you up and full family will enjoy morning stroll and play…if you follow this regime successfully for a week, you will find noticeable change in yourself and morning sickness will elope leaving both of you energetic and the children will be happy for early outing and they too will be active whole day…Don’t tell me how to take time out in the morning schedule…you have so much to do…I agree there are a lot of tasks in the morning…when you are attending all the tasks then why to leave this healthy one…get up half an hour early than you are doing it now and hang out with family.
When you are back from the park or balcony, don’t sit with newspaper. Help your partner in kitchen work and till the lunch is been cooked on the stove, indulge in doing some exercises of your hands, legs, neck, push-ups and walking on toes. Do together or count each other movements…a feeling to compete will grip both of you and each one will try to do better in order to compete with each other and doing together will keep you closer.
Divide work between partners of dusting the rooms, furnishings, cutting vegetables and cleaning work after the morning cooking and packing is over…this way, the work will be done nicely in half of the time since both of you are helping each other and none will feel the load of work and will be present in the office on time.
Even ask your kids to keep their packed lunch in their school bags, inculcate in them the habit of polishing their shoes and when they are in the fourth or fifth class, gradually teach them to iron clothes, arrange their bags and shelves and help you in household work…they will develop a habit of doing work and it will help them to remain active, lethargy will be at bay.
In evenings, when the children come back from school, take them on a roof or in the park and play with them…do some stretching exercises…if you are working and you arrive home late, try the stretches with your partner & kids in your living room.
While watching TV, don’t sit idle. Indulge in push ups and sit ups. If you are a music lover, then do some quick steps and lunges to keep yourself fit.
During weekends, indulge in cleaning cobwebs, bathroom, kitchen, and other cupboard and shelves. Involve your partner and kids, a sense of togetherness will develop among the family.
If you follow the routines mentioned above then you don’t need to spend extra bucks or hit gym to lose your extra pounds nor you will need to curb your regular diet and crave for your favorite dishes. Avoid eating out or relishing on junk food …Yes, do check out that you take healthy diet which consists of protein diet to build muscles, green leaf and vegetables, lean meat, eggs, and fish, including more of pulses, legumes, sprouts, low-fat milk, curd and cottage cheese, complex carbohydrates and add in more of fruits in your diet chart. Refrain from using too much oil in gravy, the body requires everything in the right proportion to maintain good health.
If you do all these in the right way then you will see that more than 45 minutes a day is invested in physical activity and it is more than enough to maintain the curves.
Don’t brood…stand up and do your part to be #ApneTareekeSeHealthy…If you are single, then help your parents around instead of excusing yourself that you don’t have a partner…😛

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H&M, Hennes & Mauritz
B, the international fashion retailer, known for fashion and quality at the
best price in a sustainable way, will open its first store in Indore at
Treasure Island Next.
Spread across more than 18,000 sq. the store will open on
Saturday 16th September at 11 AM.
Presenting a wide selection of
latest trends and timeless classics, H&M will offer women’s, men’s,
teenagers and children’s apparels, accessories, footwear and lingerie.
Those in queue before 11 AM on
the opening day can expect fun surprises and foot tapping music. The first
three fashionistas will be rewarded with H&M gift cards worth Rs 10,000, Rs
7,000 and Rs 5,000 respectively, while the next 300 fashion lovers in queue
will receive gift cards worth Rs 500.
H&M currently operates 17 stores
across India, the brand continues the momentum on the expansion plans that were
announced for Autumn 2017 and looks at having over 25 stores by the end of
For details on the brand and
images, please visit

H& M Hennes &
Mauritz AB (publ)
was founded in Sweden in 1947 and is quoted on Nasdaq
Stockholm. H&M’s business idea is to offer fashion and quality at the best
price in a sustainable way. In addition to H&M, the group includes the
brands & Other Stories, Cheap Monday, COS, Monki and Weekday as well as
H&M Home. The H&M group has more than 4,400 stores in 66 markets
including franchise markets. In 2016, sales including VAT were SEK 223 billion.
The number of employees amounts to more than 161,000. For further information,
visit H& M Hennes & Mauritz AB (publ) was founded in Sweden in 1947 and
is quoted on Nasdaq Stockholm. H&M’s business idea is to offer fashion and
quality at the best price in a sustainable way. In addition to H&M, the
group includes the brands & Other Stories, Cheap Monday, COS, Monki and
Weekday as well as H&M Home. The H&M group has more than 4,400 stores
in 66 markets including franchise markets. In 2016, sales including VAT were
SEK 223 billion. The number of employees amounts to more than 161,000. 
further information, visit

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Blue Whale Challenge Proving Suicidal for Players! #SaveKids #VirtualGame

                                                                                                 Source: here

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The Blue Whale challenge game has created furore in the virtual world and many children of different places around the world have become victim of it and they have lost their precious life.

It is continuously in news and the young parents are at their wits end and are scared about the safety of their growing kids especially the younger ones.

I googled to be apprised of the game and the harm that it is doing to the children and came to know that this game has been designed with the motive to clean the earth from lazy children.

I feel the mastermind behind the game is a lunatic and his wild psyche has created menace and is taking lives of the innocents. The children are becoming prey to it. They are hypnotizing the children and there is even a news that they threaten that if the players don’t abide by the rules, their families will be eliminated…this fear deepens in the minds of children and they follow the dangerous rules sincerely.

The timings to play the game too is at odd hours and the various steps to be followed are quite scary and it asks the playing kids to harm themselves and send their snaps in which they have inflicted themselves and the child gets so much engrossed in the game that they blindly follows what they are been asked to do and finally, the child is trapped.

So far as reported, there have been more than 100 deaths of the players who indulged in taking the Blue Whale challenge.

The reports generated have created unrest in the minds of parents. This calls for a clear discussion with the children and the parents and guardians need to make their kids aware of such challenges and how to keep themselves away from it.

In my opinion, parents should not give mobiles to children and in situation, where parents are working and the children are staying on their own, then provide them with simple handsets without internet facility so that they can be in touch with their parents.

Make them aware of the virtual menace that is doing rounds on internet and warn them not to indulge in such sorts of game. Even they should be warned not to download any unknown link, howsoever they are insisted or not to disclose any personal information or identity on the site.

Be frank and take your children in confidence and ask them to inform you about each and every movement, whether it is their personal life and virtual life. Make them understand that they are at vulnerable age and they need proper guidance to secure their future.

Check their devices regularly and check their history to know about their virtual movements and the site they tour.

These days kids have their own room. Do allot their room but not allow them to lock their room and inculcate in them the habit of playing or indulging in leisure activities in the living room of the house.

Do check their bags and belongings time to time and whenever you find your child a bit indifferent, do knock him and try to intrude in his privacy and make him spill out the beans if something is bothering him.

Explain the ill effects of game and of the people who are behind this game and brief that they are mentally ill bunch who wish to hurt people of the society and their sadistic nature derives pleasure from such activities.

Encourage them to indulge in physical activities and offline games and be an active participant in their game. This will use his budding energy in a fruitful way and will satiate him.

The parents and the children should share the things with each other and the parents need to be more vigilant about their child’s movements.

Maintain friendly relation with your children and be in their reach when they need you.
Note for parents, don’t hook yourself in the virtual world, your children needs you. Pass time with them and take them for outing on holidays and acquaint them with the beauty of nature.
Show the real world and its beauty and teach them that virtual life is only for studies and getting the tasks done easily.
Incline them towards spirituality.

Bhumika Gurung’s look inspired from Rani Mukherjee’s in ‘Bunty Aur Babli’ #Entertainment #StarBharat

Star Bharat’s upcoming show Nimki Mukhiya
is already creating excitement amongst the viewers because of its unique plot.
The show marks the journey of Nimki played by debutant actress, Bhumika Gurung.
Keeping in mind Nimki’s effervescent and playful nature, the makers have
created a wardrobe that’s full of colours, similar to that of Rani Mukherjee in
Bunty Aur Babli’.

Nimki will be seen wearing colourful
shimmery Patiala Salwar and Kameez throughout the show. The look is an
extension to her personality who is in awe of Bollywood and a day dreamer, like
most girls in the hinterland.

When asked Nimki about the same, she said “one’s personality
defines one’s fashion sense and with Nimki’s costumes and look, my audiences
will get that flavor. 
The makers
have used very unique patterns and prints. They bear resemblance to what Rani
wore in Bunty Aur Babli. We saw the rage her costumes created after the film
released. Nimki could be the person who is bringing that fashion back.”

Watch Nimki’s quirky look in the show ‘Nimki Mukhiya’, Monday to Friday
at 8.30 pm only on Star Bharat.

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Kailash Satyarthi: The man behind India’s war on rape! #SexualAbuse #ChildAbuse

“This march is a march from darkness to light,
from fear to freedom, from shame to holding your head up towards dignity.”

It is with this belief and vision that Kailash
Satyarthi, Nobel Peace Laureate (2014)
and a human rights activist from India,
has been at the forefront of the global movement to end child slavery and
exploitative child labor for over 35 years now. He has sought to
eradicate all forms of violence against children including sexual abuse and
trafficking. He has rescued over 80,000 child slaves and developed a successful
model for their education and rehabilitation.
has embarked on a historic Bharat Yatra to spearhead the fight
against child trafficking and sexual abuse across the country.

“ I declare a war on the rape of the children of this country. I am compelled
to march across the length and breadth of India because I cannot merely mourn
the death of the conscience of the nation. When 
a child is raped, morality dies”

 The yatra flagged off on September 11th
from the Vivekananda Rock Memorial at Kanyakumari and will pass through 22
states and union territories over 35 days covering over 11,000 kilometres, stretching
to western India and reaching Delhi. The Yatra on the Eastern side will
commence from Guwahati, while Srinagar will flag off the northern stretch. All
these stretches will culminate in the national capital of Delhi, on the 16th of
October this year.
fondly said, Kanyakumari holds a special place in my heart. The
previous Bharat Yatra I undertook, which was the Shiksha Yatra of 2001, was
also launched from Kanyakumari and progressed to New Delhi. The flag off from
Kanyakumari the Vivekananda Memorial, commemorates the anniversary of the great
leader’s address at Chicago in 1893.”
has been preparing for many months, leading up to the Yatra and has
met faith leaders and religious heads in New Delhi & Ajmer who have assured
him of their support wherever his campaigns go. He has also met corporates
leaders from PayTM, Godrej,BSE etc. and has received overwhelming response for
his fight against child sexual abuse and trafficking. Mr. Satyarthi wishes to
involve all possible stakeholders in the Bharat Yatra, as only then will India
witness a true revolution and a change in the mindset of the people.
the duration of the Yatra, grassroot programs will witness participation of
school and college students, along with leaders from diverse social, cultural,
religious, media and corporate organisations. Each day, thousands of residents
would join them in solidarity and support. The programs will use theater, music
and folklore in local languages to create mass awareness against violence
inflicted on children.
Mr Kailash Satyarthi, “I believe more the people, louder the voice, greater the
awareness and faster the action. The Bharat Yatra aims to build a universal
consensus. The vision that I have dreamt and nurtured for several decades- a
world free of child sexual abuse and violence against children must now become
the motto of every citizen of India. Only then we will see our children, safe
and secure.”
has the largest child population in the world with 444.1 million. It accounts for 36% of the total
population of the country. While children are the bedrock of our nation and its economic development, what is
worrisome is the growing menace of child sexual abuse and child trafficking,
says Mr Satyarthi. “If child labour,
slavery, trafficking, and violence against children continues, we will fail to
accomplish most of the development goals,”
he firmly emphasizes.
“It is critical to
both strengthen laws against trafficking and abuse and sensitize citizens to
not remain silent about violence
inflicted on children. The POCSO Act is a step in the right direction to curb
violence against children. We applaud the lawmakers of this country for
diligently carrying forward the implementation of this.  The law needs to be strengthened even more to
be able to curb the magnitude of crime being committed against our children,”
he says.
is credited to be the
architect of the single largest civil society network for the exploited
children.  His movement, “The Global
March Against Child Labour”
, whose mobilization
of unions, civil society and children led to the adoption of the International Labour Organisation (ILO)
Convention 182 on the worst forms of child labor in 1999. With his undying efforts to help children afford the
childhood they deserve, Mr Satyarthi established that child labour is responsible for the perpetuation of poverty,
unemployment, illiteracy, population explosion and many other social evils.
The World over, two children
are sold every minute
. Between
600,000 and 800,000 men, women and children are trafficked across international
borders each year. This trafficking is helping in generating a profit of USD 32 billion annually. Approximately 80% are women and girls; up to
50% are minors.
With a vision to
eradicate all forms of violence against children over five years, Mr Satyarthi launched the 100 million for
100 million’
campaign in December 2016. The campaign seeks to highlight the
menace of child abuse and child
trafficking globally and mobilize people to push for a conducive policy
framework to curb trafficking of children. What he achieved with his unwavering commitment and passion concerning child labor, he intends to achieve for child trafficking and child sexual
abuse as well. In short, Mr Satyarthi refuses to rest on his laurels. His
passion for seeing every child in this world
live safe and free is motivating him to
be on his feet.
To mobilize the support of leaders across the
world, Mr Satyarthi and his Foundation, Kailash Satyarthi Children’s
, brought together Nobel laureates and leaders on a single platform,
to harness they’re collective
intellectual, moral and political will to build a child-free world. 
Laureates and Leaders for Children Summit
held in December 2016, concentrated
on building a strong moral platform for protecting all children from violence and ensuring the world where all children are free to be children. This Summit
sought to amplify the collective leadership and moral authority of Nobel
laureates across different fields, world leaders and champions of children’s
rights. Some of the Noble Laureate who was
part of the Summit is The Dalai Lama, Her
Excellency Julia Gillard, Prime Minister of Australia (2010-13), Mr Angel
Gurria, Secretary General, OCED, Princess Charlene of Monaco and Princess
Laurentin of the Netherlands.
strength of Mr Satyarthi’s passion lies in the belief that youth across the
world are looking to change the mindset of people and the norms of law to
protect and nurture children. He
firmly believes in children’s freedom from all kinds of exploitation- be it
sexual, physical or mental, and is determined to continue to fight for their
safety, security and happiness, till violence against children is eradicated across the world.
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Devotional genre not just re-kindled but RE-INVENTED! #ShekharRavjiani #Music

ever musical reality show where ‘trends meets tradition’ – Om Shanti Om

the launch of STAR BHARAT, the show unveiled on 28th August at 6.00 p.m.
airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9p.m.

Indore, September 12, 2017:
The world is basking in a love affair with rich Indian traditions. Be it Yoga,
Ayurveda, Meditation, Cotton etc. India is truly taking centre-stage in the
world. But ironically, Devotional songs/Bhakti genre is now merely confined to
caller tunes. How do we keep this genre alive and relevant in today’s times?
bringing about this change, Star Bharat’s philosophy of challenging the norms
and moving forward fearlessly sets a perfect example. Their latest offering in
Hindi General Entertainment space brings to its vast audience a show which is
determined to give devotional music a cool quotient – ‘a show format never explored and
a genre unheard of’

Shanti Om
, is a musical stage with a rare blend of trends meeting tradition,
where contestants re-invent popular devotional songs that appeal to modern
India. Each episode of the show has contestants singing a familiar devotional
song in a re-arranged form which tests their versatility. This will be for the
first time that TV is witnessing a genre, not just being re-kindled but re-invented.

show that boasts of many firsts on Indian Television has seen the debut of the
epitome of devotion ParamPujya Swami Ramdev Ji unveiling the concept of the
show to the audiences across India. The show also has country’s top Bollywood
names and singers extraordinaire – Sonakshi Sinha, Shekhar Ravjiani and Kanika
Kapoor. Aparshakti Khurana is seen as the show’s host. The show’s set has been
designed by none other than Bollywood’s best Omung Kumar.
by Colosseum, the show presents 14 participants who lend their voices to the
re-arranged devotional music composed by Bollywood’s famous music composer
Aditya Pushkarna. A special episode was aired to commemorate the re-launch of
Star India’s channel Life Ok as ‘Star Bharat’ on Monday, 28th August, 2017 from
6pm to 8pm. The show airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9pm. Om Shanti Om is the
ultimate torchbearer of ‘traditional’ music in India.
who is seen judging the show, said “When I heard the concept, I was
amazed. This is the first time, where devotional songs will be sung in the
rearranged version on national television. Star Bharat as a channel is
redefining the genre of music reality shows on Indian Television with Om Shanti
Catch the never-seen-before musical journey of OM
SHANTI OM on your TV screens every Saturday and Sunday at 09.00 p.m. only on
Star Bharat.
For more
information, please contact
PR 24×7
Network Ltd.
Atul Malikram – 9827092823
Pari – 9981532247

[email protected]

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Bhanu Uday is hitting the right chords in the first week of the show!

Daam Dand Bhed
, the newly launched show on Star Bharat (Life OK – rebranded) has
already enthralled the audiences and gained crazy fan following in the
heartland states. The show seems to have hit the right chords with the
audience. The show’s protagonist, Bhanu
is loved for his performance in the show.
The show in its first
week has enticed the audience with its empowering concept, powerful dialogues,
appealing music and talented ensemble cast. Bhanu Uday who plays Vijay Namdhari has an introduction line that
says: “Ek Padega Sab Par Bhari, VIJAY
This messaging has created curiosity and intrigued viewers. Saam Daam Dand Bhed has received
amazing reviews from the masses.

has been receiving sweet messages and Dubsmash
videos of his dialogues and the rhyming slogan. He has gained popularity
considering audience’s reaction towards the show. We also notice a hype in his
followers on social media as he receives numerous messages. Good going, Bhanu Uday!
Bhanu feels humbled
to have received such a great response from fans and shares “I was actually stunned when I started
receiving these positive and encouraging reactions. Our show has only been on
air for a week and to see that Vijay Naamdhari has already connected with the
audience fills me with great joy. While creating this character we always
intended to win the audiences’ hearts because only then will they be able to
connect with his journey. To see that happening is very gratifying. I am truly
grateful to the makers of the show for choosing me to be Vijay Naamdhari.”

in to Saam Daam Dand Bhed, Monday to Friday only on STAR BHARAT.
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Kanika Kapoor’s surprise moment on the sets of Om Shanti Om!

The singing sensation who set the charts on fire with
Babydoll, Kanika Kapoor, has debuted on Indian television as a judge on Star
’s (Life OK – Rebranded) most talked about reality show Om Shanti Om. The
award-winning singer was astonished to see her kids and parents on the sets.
They flew all the way from London to surprise her.
Talking to Kanika
about the same she shares, “Shooting for Om Shanti Om has been an exciting, thrilling as well as
challenging experience as I have been juggling the shoots with my singing
commitments. This had left me with literally no sleep and no time to breathe.
Family time is what I needed, to meet my parents and hug my kids, however, it
seemed like a distant dream as there was so much going on. Someone surely must
have read my mind as the very next day, my children and most understanding parents
surprised me on the sets of Om Shanti Om and this was surely a huge highlight
for me. I don’t know how they managed to pull it off but it was one of the
sweetest moments for me and thank you to the team of Om Shanti Om for this and
obviously my family for being there throughout.”
On the panel with her is Bollywood sensation
Sonakshi Sinha and singer composer Shekhar Ravjiani. The epitome of devotion Param
Pujya Swami Ramdev Ji is unveiling the concept of the show to the audiences
across India. Aparshakti Khurana is seen as a host on the show.
forget to tune into Om Shanti Om every Saturday and Sunday at 9.00 p.m. only on
Star Bharat.
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