Perfect Beverage For Tea Lovers From Namhah! #AssamValley #Tea

Namhah Cabo da Roca, Black Tea.

I love tea and I can drink at any time of the day, it is a mood & stress buster for me and keeps me active throughout the day. I take real tea, that is No Milk & No Sugar in my tea…it is only tea so I need the best tea that can brew in just hot water, leaving an air of fresh aroma to tickle my senses and this beverage proved right for me. In reality, the raw tea is good for health but as the culture of drinking tea spread wide, it underwent lot of changes in preparation and the preparation changed from one region to another and it even had the impact of varied cultures, so if you drink specific tea of a place, you can judge the region by the taste of the beverage. People started adding ample milk and ample sugar to add to the taste of tea…in my view, they have spoiled the real taste of tea and very few like me love the tea in its originality…My tea is easy to make but the choice of tea leaf is very important because I don’t add anything extra other than hot water…at my home, people find easy to brew my tea though they have to make tea several times in a day…one bad secret about me…I do all the work by myself but I don’t brew tea for myself…if guests drop in, I prepare tea enthusiastically but if I have to drink alone…I keep on searching someone to pass me a favor by passing a cup of hot tea.

One fine day, I received an email from the Co-Founder of Namhah to taste the tea and review the product honestly…for a tea lover, it was one of the best option and I nodded in affirmation and finally the products that I chose for myself dropped in…the best part of this Start up that I liked was that they gave me the liberty to choose the flavour and I zeroed in on Cabo da Roca, Black Tea.
Cabo da Roca, Black Tea.

About Namhah:

It is a Start-up that took its advent in the tea valley of Guwahati, Assam, India. Three close friends, basically tea-lovers who loved premium tea floated the idea to bring tea of premium quality and flavor to the people of India at an affordable price and make available throughout the length & breadth of the country. Mr. Ankit’s family was in tea business since six decades and he had ample exposure of tea industry and the insights of Mr. Ankit and the tea lover Mr.Abhishek started a joint venture under the  brand Namhah to provide the best quality of tea to the people of India and abroad at a reasonable rate. Namhah strived to revolutionize a 150-year-old industry with the use of modern technology – Internet of Things, Machine learning, specialized packaging and subscription services. Namhah is a deeply rooted Indian brand with a global outlook. They believe in presenting premium tea to their customers and they are treading on the path to establish themselves in an innovative way.
Packaging: is quite attractive. Cabo da Roca, Black Tea comes in a cardboard packaging of 25 sachets in one pack. The tea bags comes in net and it is packed inside a paper pouch. The company has come up with such packaging to retain the aroma of the tea and even it is hygienic. All the details & information of the tea are embossed on the package.
Pricing: INR 299/25 Sachets.

Cabo da Roca, Black Tea bags brews at 95°C and brewing time is only 2 minutes. Put the tea bag in the mug and pour hot water over it. Cover the lid for few seconds and your tea is ready to drink. The aroma & flavor of the tea is mind blowing and the hue is refreshing. I recommend to try the premium teas of Namhah, there are lot of varieties to choose from. I fell in love with Cabo da Roca, Black Tea and I have placed fresh order for the same. I served Cabo da Roca, Black Tea to my friends and guests and they loved the aroma. It gives the feeling of freshness as if we are sailing in the tea valley. It goes perfect for me as I prefer pure liquor tea. The people who cannot go without sugar can add to it and few drops of lemon will do wonder.
My Take: 
Namhah was a new name for me in the context of Tea. When I tasted for the first time, my taste buds tickled at the aroma and true taste of the tea and felt as if I was sitting amidst Tea Valley, there was so much of fresh feeling. Now I prefer drinking Namhah brand beverage and wish to continue with it. I have even shared my experience with my friends and relatives. It is a healthy beverage, blend of good flavor, freshness and soothing aroma and it leaves you refreshed. It is rich in antioxidants and other nutrients and revitalizes eliminating toxins from our body and enhances respiratory functions. I prefer strong tea so I use one tea bag at one time but those who love light flavor can use the tea bag for brewing two cups of tea or can use the same tea bag twice.
My Ratings: 4/5.
Buy from Amazon.

To know more about the product.
Instagram: @instanamhah
Twitter: @tweetnamhah

Pic Courtesy: Clicked by My Lenovo A600.
*Received PR Samples and Review is Unbiased. 

Simple Solution to Soft Skin- Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion! #Review

Baby Daily Moisture Lotion

Mommies are always on a look out for the best
products to take care of their toddlers and I am no exception. I am too in a
search of good things for my cute angel and do indulge in online research. My
sons have outgrown my lap but the birth of a daughter in our family has given
me a second chance to mother and I am more curious because I did not get the
opportunity to rear a daughter so my niece is a blessing in my life and I thank
my sis for believing in me. We both trudge on websites to get the best things
for her.
Recently, I read a lot about Aveeno Baby Daily
Moisture Lotion
and the positive reviews kicked an idea to buy for my angel.
Soon God came to know about my wishes and I was approached to try Aveeno and
give an honest review of the same and I happily agreed to the offer.

Aveeno Baby has been launched in India by
Johnson & Johnson. Aveeno is a brand of Skin & Hair care products in USA
owned by Johnson & Johnson. Aveeno was launched in 1946. The unique trait
of the Aveeno product is that the Active Key Ingredients in all of the Aveeno
products is colloidal Oats or Oats extracts and even Aveeno has derived its name
from the scientific name of Oats, Avena Sativa and is believed to treat skin
conditions and ailments.
Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture

* It is beneficial for infants and toddlers.
* It blends well into the skin absorbing whole of it
and leaves the skin smooth and hydrated for long hours.
* It can be even used as a massage to lull your baby
to sleep.
* It is non-greasy formula and the consistency is
fine to blend easily.
* It is a healthy nourishment for the baby’s skin.
* It is an organic product and free from Artificial
Fragrance, Paraben, Phthalate, Steroid.
* It is Hypoallergic.
* It is good for all skin types.
* It is formulated under the guidance of scientific
experts and the key ingredients used are of High Standard and Best for the Infants
and the toddlers.
* It is highly recommended by the Pediatricians.
The Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion
comes in a huge squeeze tube of cream colour with light blue flip cap. The cap
closes well so no extra care is required to keep the tube safely and there is
no chance of spillage and leakage. I found the packaging safe to carry on tours.
The minute details of the product is mentioned on the packaging.

Pricing: INR 799/227 gm.

Shelf Life: Two years.

When I received the product, the packaging
appealed to me. I am in a habit of trying the product on myself before
using it on the baby, same I did this time too. Upon usage, I was amazed by the
result, one dollop was enough for my hands and it blend well absorbing into the
skin and the skin was smooth and silky and the best part is that it is
non-greasy, so it is good for summers too. I trialled on myself for two days
and when I was totally satisfied, I started using on my beautiful angel and we are happy with the result. We use twice for the baby, once after morning bath
and twice at night before lulling her to sleep. It acts as a good massage
lotion and as it is non-greasy so there is no need to wipe after application. We
have been using since ten days and found noticeable changes in her skin for the
good as her skin has become more soft and supple and I believe this is because
of natural & organic ingredients, Oats and no harsh chemicals. I would
recommend Aveeno Baby to the Mommies to try this product for their angels.
My sis too is infatuated by the result and we have
decided to continue with Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion.

My Rating: 4.5/5

To Buy, Click here.
Don’t forget to use Exclusive Coupon Code AVEENOBABYMJ  to avail
a discount of Rs.100 on your purchase of Aveeno baby from First cry.

* Don’t Forget To Do a Patch Test.

Walk A Mile In My Shoes!

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When I was a small girl, life seemed easy and I envied the lifestyle of my father, who used to be on regular tours as he was in the marketing division. 35 years back, traveling by flight and staying at five-star hotels was a luxury and I thought how lucky he was. I often used to tell him with awe that he was leading a glorious life. He never commented, just smiled and I was naive so couldn’t understand the motive behind his smiles.

As I entered in my late teens, I told him that he is leading a luxurious life and nothing more he needs. That day, he broke his silence. I think he was waiting for this day to break the ice.

“How can I be lucky dear? Flying in planes and staying at 5-star hotels is not comforting. I go on my official tour. The company spends on me to get the business and revenue and while flying, I don’t look out at the sky or the height at which I am flying. The whole time, I am busy jotting down minutes of my meeting plans and how to procure business in the right way. As soon as I get off the plane, taxi waits to pick me up and deport me to the office where my customers are waiting with a long list of expectations and grievances and I need to sort it out coolly. It is so hectic that I am not able to gulp my breakfast or tea. At late nights, I am in the cozy suite of the 5-star hotel but the mental load is so piercing that I am not able to enjoy my time and I am in a hurry to complete my pending paperwork. After twelve hours, when  I remove my shoes, I find my feet have swollen and there is excruciating pain which does not let me sleep and I keep changing sides. At festivals, I too have to be on tour and I miss you all. I am more comfortable at home.  The side of my life which you find alluring is actually a facet that I am compromising with for the sake of my job. Dear, you will understand when you will be in my shoes later in life” and his eyes turned moist while making me understand.

When I joined my job then I realized that all that glitters is not gold and the comforts that the organization provides is for the sake of business…and understood life better walking miles in his shoes…while working in the arena of Sales &  Marketing in a reputed financial firm.

Life is a Best Teacher and it teaches us perfectly.

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Kushal Punjabi: There are not enough roles for senior actors on television

While most of his
contemporaries are grappling with the fact that opportunities for senior actors
are slimming down on television, Kushal Punjabi who is seen playing the role of
Shivji in Star Bharat’s popular show Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal is rather positive
about the changing scenario.
The actor, who has
returned to TV says, “I know that the roles for seasoned actors aren’t as
good as before. In fact, there are not enough roles for senior actors. However,
it’s a logical progression for young artistes to take charge as viewers want to
watch fresh faces and the production houses and channels are complying with
their demand. Unlike Bollywood, you can’t show a 45-year-old play a college
student on TV. Also, young artistes are roped in on a much lower budget. The
best way to stay in the reckoning is by staying fit; I have been following that
mantra religiously and that’s the reason why even at my age, nobody offers me
the role of a father.”
Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal
is a laugh riot where a Saas is in search of a perfect bahu with five different
qualities for her son. This is the first time that a saas will be troubled for
being too demanding on Indian television. It’s a sitcom which conveys that
sometimes wanting too much can lead to trouble and chaos in our lives. The show
highlights the fact that greed for perfect qualities and faultlessness is bad
and one should not have unrealistic expectations from their daughters-in-law.
‘Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal’ from Monday to Friday at 8.00 pm only on Star Bharat

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9 Ways of Celebrating Navratri at 9 Different Places of India! #Navratri #Celebrations #Bloggarba

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#Bloggarba  is a blogging train in which we 16 blogger friends are participating as  a chain to mark Navratri celebration. The blogger behind me was Monika  and now she passes on the hop to me. Thanks a lot Monika for introducing me. 
Navratri is one of the greatest Hindu festivals celebrated across India with pomp and show and the holy fervour grips all. The nine nights of Navratri is considered auspicious and people observe it with holiness and austerity and the celebration concludes on the 10th day which is called Vijayadashmi and this festival is celebrated as victory of good over evil.
During this festival, the Goddess Durga and her various manifestations is worshipped and she is referred as “Devi” or “Shakti” and our mythology says that she saved Earth and heaven from the wicked demon Mahishasura and his troupe by destroying them. She is looked upon with reverence and considered to be the Saviour, Creator, and Preserver of the Universe and the Destructor of negative energy.
The observation of fast for nine days detoxifies our Body, Mind & Soul and energizes us with positive aura & energy.
India is a land of diversity and the sacred Navratri is celebrated in 9 different ways in 9 different places of India. The essence of the celebration remains the same and across the country, Goddess Durga, “Shakti Swaroopa” is worshipped.
Let us start with the places from North to South and East & West.

1. Himachal Pradesh: Kullu Dusherra is the famous form of Navratri celebration in Himachal Pradesh, which starts from the 10th day of Navratri and extends for seven consecutive days. It is an international event and people across the globe throng this place to have the view of celebrations. It is also celebrated in the honour of the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya and is considered to be the occasion of victory of good over evil. The major attraction of Kullu Dusherra is the Rath Yatra of Raghunathjee which is organised in Dhalpur Maidan in Kullu Valley. It is a grand procession and people in huge numbers participate and hundreds of Gods & Goddesses take part in this Rath Yatra transforming it into spiritual awakening. On seventh day after Vijayadashami, the Rath is taken to the banks of Beas River and there they burn piles of dried bushes and wood to mark the end of evil. Here they don’t burn effigies of Ravana and the festival comes to an end. Devotees visit temples in Kangra, Una & Bilaspur district of HP to pay homage to Goddess Durga.

2. Punjab: Goddess Durga is worshipped in Punjab and the people of Punjab keep partial or complete fasting on the seven days of Navratri and abstinence from Alcohol, meat etc. On 8th Day, they worship nine girls and feed them with food items. They treat these nine girls as goddess and gift them with gifts and money after offering holy food to them. This tradition is known as Kanjika. Another attraction of Punjab is Jagraata which is organised in the Pandals in the honour of Mother Durga and whole night people assemble in large numbers to sing devotional songs and dancing on them. It is a way of invoking Goddess Durga.

3. West Bengal: Navratri is celebrated with great fervour in the land of West Bengal and it is the major festival of the Bengalis. You will find countless Pandals with idols of Maa Durga and her nine manifestations. The whole state is decked beautifully and the artisans use their art forms in varied forms. The 6th day or Shasthi is the important day of Durga Puja when the veil of Goddess is removed for public view and people throng in large numbers to get a glimpse of the idols and participate in the celebrations. On the 7th, 8th, and 9th days, Maa Durga is worshipped along with Lakshmi, Saraswati, Ganesh & Kartikeya. On 10th day, grand procession is taken out and idols are immersed in holy water of rivers. Sindoor Khela is the unique tradition of West Bengal which is carried on the 10th day on Vijaya Dashami day, where the married women offer sindoor to Goddess Durga by applying on her forehead and feet and then they generously apply to all the married women, it is played more as a game and all faces of married women are smeared with sindoor and wishing all a good fortune and happy married life.

4. Gujarat: Navratri is one of the major festivals of Gujarat and to celebrate the occasion, people indulge in the folk dance Garba for all the nine nights of Navratri. It is the major attraction of Gujarat and people in large numbers flock to Gujarat to participate. Here, people offers prayers to a symbolic clay pot known as Garbo which symbolises human body and lighted lamp the divine soul. Been the land of Krishna, the Garba must have originated from the influence of Raas Lila of Krishna. In Garba dance form, people move in coordinated moves making circles and small sticks called Dandiya is used in the dance form.

5. Maharashtra: “Ghatasthapan” is performed on the first day of Navratri in which copper or brass jar is placed on a wooden stool over heap of rice and turmeric roots, mango leaves, coconut and staple grains of 8 varieties are placed aside and a lamp is lighted which continues to alight throughout the nine days of Navratri. The “Ghata” symbolizes agriculture well-being & lamp symbolizes knowledge & prosperity. On 8th day, Yajna is performed in the name of Goddess Durga and on 9th day, Ghata is immersed in water after taking out the sprouted grains.

6. Telangana: Hindus celebrate Navratri by preparing Bathukamma, which is prepared by using different unique flowers mainly with medicinal powers and marigold is generously used in this flower arrangement. Bathukamma means “Mother Goddess Come Alive” and Mother Gauri, Life Giver is worshipped in the form of Bathukamma. The Bathukamma, is worshipped on all nine days by the girls and women of the family and on the 10th day, it is set afloat in water body. The women and girls dressed in new clothing and jewellery give dance performances to celebrate Navratri.

7. Karnataka: Navratri is celebrated as Naada Habba in the state of Karnataka in honour of Goddess Durga who killed the demon Mahishasura to end his atrocities on earth and bring peace on earth and the tenth day of Navratri marks the event. Mysore Dashaara is famous in this state and it is been celebrated since centuries. It is the royal festival of Mysore and on ninth day, the royal sword is worshipped and a grandeur procession Jumbo Savari is taken out on elephants, camels and horses. The lighting arrangement at Mysore Palace is the major attraction for the tourists.

8.  Tamil Nadu: Navratri is known as Bommai Kolu in Tamil Nadu which signifies “Divine Presence” and it is long celebration of ten days and a set of three days are dedicated to the Goddess Lakshmi, Durga & Saraswati, the manifestations of the Goddess Durga. Here the celebration is unique in its own way. The Kolu is built with wooden planks giving a shape of a staircase and the stairs are created in odd numbers of 3, 5, 7, 9 or 11 and it is decorated with colured fabrics and the Doll, toys and figurines are used to decorate the Kolu. Larger idols and dolls representing deities are placed on the top and then other figurines of dolls, temple, bride & groom, animals and other worldly institutions are placed on different planks. The dolls are handed over from one generation to another and every year new dolls are added to the existing collection. These dolls signifies prosperity, fertility, marital bliss and progeny. On the ninth day, new business ventures are taken up and the tiny tots are introduced into the world of learning. On the tenth day, the dolls are packed for next year and the Kolu is dismantled and immersed in water.

9. Kerala: In this state too, the Navratri is divided into set of three days. The first 3 days Goddess Durga is invoked as Divine Mother with a belief that she takes care of all impurities, vices and defects of the souls. The next 3 days is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi who is considered to be a giver of spiritual wealth though the people pay reverence for material wealth and the last 3 days, Goddess Saraswati is invoked who is revered as God of wisdom and learning. During last three days, people place their books and other objects of learning in front of idol of Saraswati to seek her blessings. The tiny tots are introduced to the world of learning on the tenth day of Navratri and they are made to write on rice or sand.
These are 9 ways of celebrating the divine Navratri at 9 different places of our country. I noticed while touring from one state to another, the pattern of worship is different but the essence of the Navratri remains the same focussing on the worship of Supreme Power, “Goddess Durga & her Manifestations.”

It is a social festival wherein people throng in large numbers to celebrate with gaiety and fervour.
Throughout the country, the nine days are observed with holiness and the festival is conclude on the 10 day and it marks the celebration of triumph of good over evil.
The atmosphere turns into spiritual awakening during the days of Navratri and those who observe the fast feels rejuvenated.
 Next boarding station is Dipika Singh is a freelancer educator who loves writing from heart. Having worked in Banking and Hospitality industry for over a decade, today she enjoys her dual role as a mother and a part time associate professor. 
She began blogging journey 7 months back with her blog which is all about today’s woman associated reads – Parenting, Lifestyle, Fiction, Reviews, Wellness… with love from all quarters for her writing and stories gleefulblogger is gaining marks slowly but steadily. 
Move on to the blog of Dipika Singh.
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One More New offer from Café Bhadas! #Indore #MadhyaPradesh

To celebrate Navratri Café Bhadas started
pure and healthy organic foods

Now it is say about Indore’s new identity
Café Bhadas that if you came to Indore and not visit to Café Bhadas, your
Indore visit is useless.  In true sense
it represents Identity of the city with its unique offers to foodies. Café
Bhadas which is situated near Syndicate Bank at MR9, increasing its facilities
regularly for the service of customers. Chef Mohit of Café Bhadas said that “on
the occasion of pious Navaratri, café Bhadas started verities of healthy
organic food products. “

It is a special attraction for the
customers to have more than 100 varieties of tasty and healthy cuisines between
10 am to 10 pm.  It offers lot of
varieties of drinks which includes shake, mocktails, lassi, guilt free tea and
coffee with many types’ juices and 5 to 6 varieties of tea .Here you can enjoy
taste of 10 to 12 types of healthy pizzas, chat, role pasta and Maggie.  8 to 10 types of sandwiches give you an
experience of different taste.  With this
you will definitely like to enjoy delicious taste of brownie donates and ice
creams. If you are interested to enjoy taste of different states, you need not
to go anywhere, café Bhadas offers you genuine taste of various regions.

Chef Mohit said that “you can taste
Bhutte ka kis of Malwa, Dabeli of Gujarat, Idli of Tamilnadu, Litti chokha of
Bihar, Chhola & kulcha of Punjab and Bada Pav of Maharashtra prepared with
genuine ingredients of relevant state. To prepare more than 100 varieties of
cuisines we prefer to use pure organic food products which are also best to
keep you healthy. “

At Café Bhadas we assure you
hygiene and cleanliness. New beginning of pure and healthy foods is also a
great attraction for the visitors of this unique place.
its inception, Café Bhadas regularly offered new facilities to its customers in
short span of time.

For More Information Please Contact:
Atul Malikram


Disclaimer: The article & images used in this blog are the property of pr24x7 & the data is compiled by them.

On Road to Fitness! #ApneTareekeSeHealthy

Once people with good health were praised and it was thought that they belonged to well to do family and skinny people were scorned at and a number of comments followed, “Tumhe khaana nahin milta” or “Khaana tumko kha jaata ha”.

Now the situation is reversed, skinny people are praised and people throng in numbers to know what the person is following, they will sit with you for hours and try to extract your food and exercise regimen and the hefty people are commented with “Yeh kya haal bana rakha hai, why don’t you cut down your diet, join gym, blah, blah, blah…”

I have been a victim of both the situations so I well know what one feels and it is not easy to take in the comments, but you can’t do much. We live among people and “logon ka kaam hai kehna” we all know well.

When healthy people were welcomed, I was skinny and when the concept of slim figure arrived, I had gained enough to be called hefty and people wanted to see me in my svelte figure.

I know, very few young people are lucky to have enough time to invest in oneself…there are so much botheration’s & the demands of family, job, kids and few hours are dedicated to social media…as these Facebook, Twitter and whatSapp too have become an integral part of life and our time is invested on these platforms too and we are left with no time or less time to take care of our health.

Health is very important but we are so much engrossed in our life that we ignore the health aspect. It’s not that we don’t want to take care, it’s in our mind but every day we make excuses and we give much importance to other aspects.

The same goes for the major population…only a few are determined and stick to their routines…90% goes haywire.

I too was no exception but when health issues started cropping up in sequence then I found out where I was going wrong and decided to do something effective to bring in a change in lifestyle.

I could not afford to leave my house to join the gym because there was no one who could take care in my absence nor could I take morning walk as I had to prepare food for my family and be ready for the office. In the evening, I had to sit with my angels so that they study well.

I seriously and sincerely started working on my lifestyle and brought the major change in my style of working at home and as well as an office and change could be seen in me by me and by my people.

  1. While working in the kitchen, I only stood for cooking and stirring the dishes. I made my seating arrangement on the floor for cutting, kneading, packing and cleaning. An hour is enough for me for completing the kitchen chores in the morning hours. In one hour, I had enough of push-ups and lunges to strengthen my lower limbs and abdomen and I felt lighter and energetic.
  2. While going out, I started taking stairs instead of the lift and even at the office, I did the same.
  3. After an interval of two hours, I moved around within the office premises and even while delving into conversations over mobile, I did the same…initially, my colleague’s ogled at me with disbelief but when I told about my aim, they supported me.
  4. I left the use of intercom rather I bumped whom I needed to talk in office adding discomfort to others…I was comfortable in my new avatar.
  5. While returning from office, I got down a few furlongs before my residence and walked down the distance. In the beginning, I felt drained but gradually I overcame and felt fresh & relaxed.
  6. During evening homework sessions of my angels, I did few stretches which facilitated movements of my hands, neck, and legs while sitting with them.

I brought about a change in my cooking style, minimized oil in gravies, switched to spicy boiled chicken and steamed fish, egg whites, added fresh greens, increased protein intake and fruits & salads in my meals.

I started servings of small meals and increased my intake, instead of three big meals, I started having six meals a day.

Changes in my lifestyle along with diet helped me a lot in shedding my extra kilos and protruding bulges and I gained strength in my limbs and laziness was at bay…and my doctor too had a wide smile…this time, I did not batter him with lame excuses.

These changes did not disturb my daily routine rather it made me proactive and sportive…I battered my timeline with more Selfies of mine in my new look. My maid was bit disturbed that she may lose few bucks of her salary if I engage myself more in household work…she felt like an endangered species.  😀

Watching prominent changes in me, my better half silently started following my routine to be active at home and in office.

His girth too improved and even house started to sparkle, as he switched to dusting, spreading clothes after wash programs, watering plants and strolled around while watching TV news.

Again, people dig at me to know how I am shedding my bulges and about the glow on my face…fan following has increased…“Kuch to log kahenge.”

This time, I did not spill the secrets…I have left the neighbors to guess… 😛

I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.

Atul Malikram created his own way by making his own dawn and testament! #PR24X7

“To reach any destination is not so difficult, only man
has to make habit of a little walk.”

Though he was born in a middle class family, he set
a goal to makes a habit of walk and adopted a way of struggle and hard work. It
is the belief of the Atul that he is giving importance to each and every person
coming in the way of his journey of the life, those who are good always gives
you company and those who are not good gives you a lesson. On the reaching on
the peak of the success, this height is an inspiration for him for a new

In the year of 2001, Atul Malikram established PR24X7
and started his journey alone. Rest is the history. His associates joined him
simultaneously and they together formed a Caravan. At present centers of   PR24X7  are operating in more than 46 cities of 18
states, where a trained team of more than 125 employees is working round the
clock to provide relevant news to the readers at their tea table. It is also
providing its value based services in the field of image building, brand
making, digital communications and analysis to increase the volume of the business
of its esteemed customers.
The prime motto of the company is to fully satisfy
its customer through its dedicated work. Since the inception of the company,
with his vision, hard working and determination Atul has achieved an
extraordinary growth rate of 1500% and put turnover of company up to 80
million. He is following the NEW INDIA vision of the Prime Minister
Narendra Modi and having a plan to achieve a target of Rs. 222 million upto
2022. To accomplish his dream he is constantly working and updating the company
with changing time.

Being a leading company of Hindi speaking area PR24x7,
has bagged prestigious Chankya award and Quality mark award of best PR Company
of the north India.  Growth story of Atul
is not limited upto PR24x7, with his passion and hard working Atul has also
worked successfully in some other fields which shows his multi dimensional
personality and also reflected his feeling to provide contemporary services and
facilities to his customers.

Customers are important part of any business and
service and keeping in view this philosophy, Atul always gives important to the
satisfaction and progress of his customers. Due to his philosophy customers of
various fields came forward and accept his services and now they are fully
satisfied with his customer based services. To keep customer satisfied, it is
an important factor to first keep happy and satisfied own employees. By
following this fact, Atul is making help and extending his all time support to
his employees through various staff welfare programmes and also acting as a responsible
guardian of his staff. He is interested to upgrade by providing essential
support to promote his employees. A office boy who appointed for dusting of his
office shown his interested in computer operating , Atul keenly fulfill his
requirement by providing him facility to learn computer operating in his own
office and now the same boy is working as a computer operator with utmost satisfaction.
It is another side of Atul who knows that satisfied employees and satisfied
customers are essential aspects of his commercial success.

For more Information Please
Atul Malikram 9755020247

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Hennes & Mauritz AB,
the Swedish international retailer, known for fashion
and quality at the best price in a sustainable way opened doors to its first
store in Indore at Treasure Island Next today. Over 350 eager shoppers and
fashionistas queued up early in the morning to shop the new collections.

Puri, Country Controller at H&M
India along with Area Manager Louis Coucke
and Store Manager Vijay Kumar
cut the red ribbon and welcomed the first
customers in line, who received goodie bags and H&M surprises. The first
fashionista in line was awarded a gift card of Rs. 10,000 while the subsequent
two fashionistas received a gift card of Rs. 7,000 and Rs. 5,000 respectively.
anticipation over our launch in the Indore has been exciting, and we are proud
to welcome shoppers into our very first store. We believe that we can offer our
customers added value through fashion, quality and sustainability at the best
said Dhatri Bhatt, Head – Communications at H&M India.
new H&M store, spread over 18,000 Sq. Ft and two floors carries a complete
range of fashion and accessories for women, men, teenagers and children with
new items arriving in the store daily. The store will be open from 11 am- 10f
pm on all days.

H&M Hennes &
Mauritz AB (publ) was founded in Sweden in 1947 and is quoted on Nasdaq
Stockholm. H&M’s business idea is to offer fashion and quality at the best
price in a sustainable way. In addition to H&M, the group includes the
brands & Other Stories, Cheap Monday, COS, Monki and Weekday as well as
H&M Home. The H&M group has more than 4,400 stores in 66 markets
including franchise markets. In 2016, sales including VAT were SEK 223 billion.
The number of employees amounts to more than 161,000. For further information,
visit H& M Hennes & Mauritz AB (publ) was founded in Sweden in 1947 and
is quoted on Nasdaq Stockholm. H&M’s business idea is to offer fashion and
quality at the best price in a sustainable way. In addition to H&M, the
group includes the brands & Other Stories, Cheap Monday, COS, Monki and
Weekday as well as H&M Home. The H&M group has more than 4,400 stores
in 66 markets including franchise markets. In 2016, sales including VAT were
SEK 223 billion. The number of employees amounts to more than 161,000. For
further information, visit 
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Kailash Satyarthi’s Bharat Yatra-5 days & 55,000 people mobilised! #BharatYatra

Kolar witnesses largest ever turnout and
support for Yatra so far
New Delhi, September, 2017, Friday: The Bharat
, launched by Nobel
Peace Laureate Kailash Satyarthi
on 11 September, entered the state of
Karnataka, reaching Kolar on 15th September, the fifth day of the
35-day long march across the country to build unprecedented awareness on
combating child sexual abuse and trafficking.
Within five days of
the launch, this march has already mobilized and has been joined by over 55,000
children, youth and working professionals, with the largest turnout in Kolar of
nearly 10,000 people, who demanded for a stop to child sexual abuse, called for
better laws in the country and pledged to protect the children of India from
these heinous acts. The Yatra marchers called upon the youth of the country to
step up and fight for children across India. They urged people of Kolar to
strive towards building a safe childhood and a safe India.
Said Mr. Satayarthi, “It is not enough to
declare a war against rape and sexual abuse. We must look towards concrete
solutions and confidence building measures to ensure the security for our
children. I urge all of the
political community in the country to go back to school as an ordinary parent.
See things on your own, feel the environment, question them. Schools are
supposed to be an institution of learning and a haven for our children. It
should not be a place of torture.”
Let us solve
problems creatively, let us come forward and pledge to work and advocate a safe
childhood for our children. I appeal to all parents to help instil a sense of
trust and be friends with your children, so that they can speak fearlessly about
any problem.Surakshit Bachpan-Surakshit Bharat has to be realized for our
children, politically, economically and socially,” he added
Ever since its
launch, Bharat Yatra has been drawing enormous support from citizens across
India, including Amitabh Bachchan who tweeted to his fans to support the Yatra.
Earlier, Union Minister for Shipping and Finance Mr Pon Radhakrishnan had
flagged off the Yatra from Kanyakumari along with Mr Satyarthi. In Trivandrum,
Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan assured whole hearted support from his
government in eradicating the menace of child sexual abuse and trafficking.

Prime Minister
Narendra Modi had sent a personal letter to Kailash Satyarthi extending his
support to the Yatra, which will cover 11000 kilometres across 22 States,
including Tamil Nadu. Some of the key cities it covers include Chennai,
Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Guwahati, Bhopal, Jaipur, Srinagar among others.
Kanniyakumari during the flag off Mr Satyarthi had declared, “I will not rest
till children of this country are not safe. I am not going to stop fighting if
the raping and abuse do not stop.  I
cannot sleep in peace until we win our war against rape and abuse. This moral
epidemic haunts our nation, and it is time we fight against it, together.”
Re-iterating his
mission behind launching the Bharat Yatra, he said “Why am I marching? Because
my children are being raped. I refuse to accept that eight children go missing
and two are raped every hour. Each time if a single child is in danger, India
is in danger. Bharat Yatra is to make India safe again for our children.”

Kailash Satyarthi
has been campaigning for the freedom, safety and security for children across
the globe for the past 36 years. His Nobel Peace Prize (2014) was for his
continuous efforts and struggle for the rights children.

Yatra is the launch of the three-year campaign against child rape and child
sexual abuse which is aimed at increasing awareness and reporting of the cases,
strengthening institutional response including medical health and compensations,
ensuring protection for victims and witnesses during trials and increasing
convictions of child sexual abuse in a time bound manner.
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