Once people with good health were praised and it was thought that they belonged to well to do family and skinny people were scorned at and a number of comments followed, “Tumhe khaana nahin milta” or “Khaana tumko kha jaata ha”.

Now the situation is reversed, skinny people are praised and people throng in numbers to know what the person is following, they will sit with you for hours and try to extract your food and exercise regimen and the hefty people are commented with “Yeh kya haal bana rakha hai, why don’t you cut down your diet, join gym, blah, blah, blah…”

I have been a victim of both the situations so I well know what one feels and it is not easy to take in the comments, but you can’t do much. We live among people and “logon ka kaam hai kehna” we all know well.

When healthy people were welcomed, I was skinny and when the concept of slim figure arrived, I had gained enough to be called hefty and people wanted to see me in my svelte figure.

I know, very few young people are lucky to have enough time to invest in oneself…there are so much botheration’s & the demands of family, job, kids and few hours are dedicated to social media…as these Facebook, Twitter and whatSapp too have become an integral part of life and our time is invested on these platforms too and we are left with no time or less time to take care of our health.

Health is very important but we are so much engrossed in our life that we ignore the health aspect. It’s not that we don’t want to take care, it’s in our mind but every day we make excuses and we give much importance to other aspects.

The same goes for the major population…only a few are determined and stick to their routines…90% goes haywire.

I too was no exception but when health issues started cropping up in sequence then I found out where I was going wrong and decided to do something effective to bring in a change in lifestyle.

I could not afford to leave my house to join the gym because there was no one who could take care in my absence nor could I take morning walk as I had to prepare food for my family and be ready for the office. In the evening, I had to sit with my angels so that they study well.

I seriously and sincerely started working on my lifestyle and brought the major change in my style of working at home and as well as an office and change could be seen in me by me and by my people.

  1. While working in the kitchen, I only stood for cooking and stirring the dishes. I made my seating arrangement on the floor for cutting, kneading, packing and cleaning. An hour is enough for me for completing the kitchen chores in the morning hours. In one hour, I had enough of push-ups and lunges to strengthen my lower limbs and abdomen and I felt lighter and energetic.
  2. While going out, I started taking stairs instead of the lift and even at the office, I did the same.
  3. After an interval of two hours, I moved around within the office premises and even while delving into conversations over mobile, I did the same…initially, my colleague’s ogled at me with disbelief but when I told about my aim, they supported me.
  4. I left the use of intercom rather I bumped whom I needed to talk in office adding discomfort to others…I was comfortable in my new avatar.
  5. While returning from office, I got down a few furlongs before my residence and walked down the distance. In the beginning, I felt drained but gradually I overcame and felt fresh & relaxed.
  6. During evening homework sessions of my angels, I did few stretches which facilitated movements of my hands, neck, and legs while sitting with them.

I brought about a change in my cooking style, minimized oil in gravies, switched to spicy boiled chicken and steamed fish, egg whites, added fresh greens, increased protein intake and fruits & salads in my meals.

I started servings of small meals and increased my intake, instead of three big meals, I started having six meals a day.

Changes in my lifestyle along with diet helped me a lot in shedding my extra kilos and protruding bulges and I gained strength in my limbs and laziness was at bay…and my doctor too had a wide smile…this time, I did not batter him with lame excuses.

These changes did not disturb my daily routine rather it made me proactive and sportive…I battered my timeline with more Selfies of mine in my new look. My maid was bit disturbed that she may lose few bucks of her salary if I engage myself more in household work…she felt like an endangered species.  😀

Watching prominent changes in me, my better half silently started following my routine to be active at home and in office.

His girth too improved and even house started to sparkle, as he switched to dusting, spreading clothes after wash programs, watering plants and strolled around while watching TV news.

Again, people dig at me to know how I am shedding my bulges and about the glow on my face…fan following has increased…“Kuch to log kahenge.”

This time, I did not spill the secrets…I have left the neighbors to guess… 😛

I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.


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