At Indore, India won 3
one day matches continuously and grabbed paytm trophy of India –Australia one
day series. Australian players was so disappointed with this defeat that they
want to throw out their anguish and suppresses anger known as Bhadaas in Indian
context. Somebody gave them idea to go Bhadaas Café which is a best place to
express one’s suppressed anger i.e. Bhadaas in a unique way. Bhadaas Café has an
anger expression room where anyone express his anger by cracking different
objects placed there for this purpose.
By considering it a good
idea to release their anger Dean Jones and Brad Hogg went to Bhadaas Café with
full security and visited anger room and selected TV, Computer, Laptop and Fish
Aquarium to release their anger. They took a baseball and break selected items and
released their suppressed anger in a unique way. After releasing their
“Bhadaas” kangaroos said that after breaking these objects they are feeling
themselves as very soothe and light. They also said that after releasing their
suppressed they were free from their anger and irritability and now they try to
perform their best to win next matches of the series.
Dean Jones and Brad Hogg
said that we have heard about anger expression room but seen first time in
India. It is really a unique and innovative idea to release one’s anger. Atmosphere
of this anger room is created in such a way that it not only releases your
anger but also taking off your negativity and makes you pleasant.
Atul Malikram, Owner of
Café Bhadaas
said that some more Australian players wanted to visit Bhadaas,
but unable to visit due to some personal reasons. Those who visited here and
released their suppressed anger were very pleasant and they also appreciated
our efforts and expressed their views that in this situation of tensions and
pressures of today’s life, this café proved to be helpful to release anger of
the people.
On the arrival of
distinguished Australian guests, they were welcomed in Indian tradition by
offering them garlands and Aartee and momentoes were also presented to them.   After
releasing their suppressed anger players enjoyed coffee at Bhadaas café. Australian
players were so much pleased with this reception that they put their signature
on a bat for the café.
For More Information 
please contact:  Atul Malikram


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