Interview – Anita Hassanandani!


Q) You are
part of this show Comedy Dangal, is Dangal happening on the sets?
A) No Dangal,
only fun is happening on the show. It is a very positive and high energy show
and like the show, the entire cast is also very entertaining.
Q) How has
been your experiences of working in a comedy show?
A) Comedy
Dangal is my second comedy show, I have previously worked on some other comedy
shows as well. So this time when I was offered Comedy Dangal, I was more
confident than before. It is very different from the usual daily soaps that I
do. I feel that this show de-stresses me as an actor. I am really enjoying this
show and we have a great team to work with which makes it more fun.
Q) How is your
experience of working with Anu Malik?
A) He is a
very sweet man. Every day when he comes for shoot, he carries great energy with
himself. In fact, both Bharti and Anu Malik have a lot of fun on the sets so
it’s great to work on a show where you indulge in laughter therapy.
Q) Has Anu
Malik done any planning with you for your team or given any advice?
A) No, he has
not given any advice but he always appreciates when the act is good and gives
compliments. I get a lot of positive energy and vibes. When I come on sets
after the shoot of my regular shows it’s like a stress buster and I’m tension
free. After a hectic schedule of 5 days, I get recharged shooting for Comedy
Q) How do you
prepare for each act?
A) Preparing
for a Comedy act is totally different than shooting for normal daily soaps. We
start rehearsal two-three day’s prior sometimes we even have a script reading
session in groups.
Q) You have a
bunch of popular celebs in your team? How is your bonding with them and whom
you have bonded most with on the show?
A) All are lovely
people and they have become a family now. I have bonded most with Bharti. I
have previously done a show with her and that’s why there is a comfort level
between us.
Q) You are in
Anu Malik’s team but you are bonding more with Bharti?
A) Yes, because
she is my old friend and I like her more. At the end of the day, our aim is to
make people laugh and bring in the cheer.
Q) There is no
elimination round on Comedy Dangal, how is winner going to be declared?
A) There is no
winner and there is no loser. Winner will be the one who makes people laugh the
most. Viewers are the biggest critics. There is no competition, its only pure
Q) Stand-up
comedy or Skit comedy which is better according to you?
A) I think
both are entertaining in their own way but stand-up comedy on Comedy Dangal is
very unique. Some of the comedians are extremely popular on YouTube, they have
very different style of Stand-up so personally I enjoy that more.
Q) What are
you going to take away from Comedy Dangal?
A) My only
take away is that – it’s very important to laugh in life. In today’s hectic
life we take a lot of stress and tension so it becomes very important to have
that entertainment. After this show, I will definitely watch some live comedy
acts and comedy shows on television.

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