My life has been guided by my grandparents and I know the bliss of having them in our lives and their presence in our life makes our life wonderful.

My husband did not get a chance to see his grandparents and did not know much about the unconditional love and care of them.

When after marriage, he visited my house and met my caring grandparents, he was in awe and that moment, he realized that he had missed valuable part of his life been not connected with his grandparents.

When we were blessed with cute angels, he made it a point to instill in them the values of been connected with the grandparents and always made sure that they mingled with them…as he felt incomplete not having enjoyed the bliss and care of grandparents.

I too inculcated in them the habit to be connected with their grandparents. They were not living with us but I took care that they interacted with them more often sharing their feelings and reciprocating to their advances. Gradually, they became an inseparable part of their lives and they share a close bonding with them.

Sharing their joys & sorrows: They are closely connected with them and they share all the ups and downs of life and look for their suggestions to improve…at times, they don’t miss a chance to get me scolded by them as they enjoy the sight. What they can’t dare to do, they get it done from them and they mischievously look at each other.

During holidays, they invite their grandparents so that they can enjoy their company and they love to hear the stories of past as well as stories of their parents from their mouth and they too are so innocent that they spill all. With age, the grandparents become mild and act similar to kids…we avoid that our tantrums are not shared with our kids but the granny of both the party joins the troupe of kids and shares all and the kids get a chance to peep in the past of parents and at times, if we try to be firm, they babble, “You two were mischievous…Dadi-Nani was saying” and we are at wits.

Love is unconditional of the grandparents and they loiter all their affections on their grand-kids. They play games together and I am amused to watch them playing hide n seek with them instead of limping n other joint related issues are all forgotten…singing on top of their voices and the kids encourage them to propose each other and they do it in perfection as if they were waiting for the nod. Once I overheard them saying, “Beta, tumne meri varshon ki muraad puri kar di, chahta tha tumhari dadi ke liye gaana gaun par kabhie mauka na mila”…I could not hold my laughter and a second thought arose in my mind, maybe down the line, we two will grow old like them and yearn.”

The relationship between grandparents and kids are platonic and both enjoy each other company a lot and look forward to more holidays to be spent together.

Outings are easy with grand-kids. With growing age, they have developed a lot of health issues and they don’t get ready easily for outings with us but their spirit soars high when the kids are around. They have full faith in them and they are ever ready to trot in their company. Even the kids hover around them and they don’t leave them alone for seconds. They help them sincerely on staircases or on uneven roads and help them to cross roads by holding their hands.

Forbidden food is easily available to both of them. I and my hubby are regarded villains as we monitor the food habits of kids and both sets of parents. They gorge on forbidden food in each other company. My son had bad tonsils so he had to avoid ice creams and my father suffers from gastro issues, so he was barred from having spicy food. My son got Golguppas for himself and father got ice -cream for him and as I turned and ambled few steps further, they exchanged their plates…both were caught red-handed and their faces turned crimson, I chose to remain, mum, because in our childhood, we did the same helping each other.

I enjoy their ways of #LoveJatao and memories of my childhood with my grandparent’s flashes before my eyes.

When they are around, I am carefree about my kids and did not have much to bother for the kids in their presence.

In today’s scenario, people are drifting away from these beautiful relationships and both the grandparents and grandchildren are at a great loss missing these golden days of life.

On the eve of Grandparents Day, I want to pass a message to all,  not to snatch these golden moments from the life of both.  Give your child the opportunity to grow under the care of grandparents…the benefits outweigh the losses and once again our society which is losing sheen of real relationships will regain and happiness will blossom around and even kids will be safe in the company of grandparents.

I look forward to hearing from you how would you celebrate Grandparents Day. Do share a selfie with your grandparents on Sept. 10, 2017, on Twitter or Facebook with #LoveJatao & tag @blogadda to win a goodie from Parachute Advansed.


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