Blue Whale Challenge Proving Suicidal for Players! #SaveKids #VirtualGame


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The Blue Whale challenge game has created furore in the virtual world and many children of different places around the world have become victim of it and they have lost their precious life.

It is continuously in news and the young parents are at their wits end and are scared about the safety of their growing kids especially the younger ones.

I googled to be apprised of the game and the harm that it is doing to the children and came to know that this game has been designed with the motive to clean the earth from lazy children.

I feel the mastermind behind the game is a lunatic and his wild psyche has created menace and is taking lives of the innocents. The children are becoming prey to it. They are hypnotizing the children and there is even a news that they threaten that if the players don’t abide by the rules, their families will be eliminated…this fear deepens in the minds of children and they follow the dangerous rules sincerely.

The timings to play the game too is at odd hours and the various steps to be followed are quite scary and it asks the playing kids to harm themselves and send their snaps in which they have inflicted themselves and the child gets so much engrossed in the game that they blindly follows what they are been asked to do and finally, the child is trapped.

So far as reported, there have been more than 100 deaths of the players who indulged in taking the Blue Whale challenge.

The reports generated have created unrest in the minds of parents. This calls for a clear discussion with the children and the parents and guardians need to make their kids aware of such challenges and how to keep themselves away from it.

In my opinion, parents should not give mobiles to children and in situation, where parents are working and the children are staying on their own, then provide them with simple handsets without internet facility so that they can be in touch with their parents.

Make them aware of the virtual menace that is doing rounds on internet and warn them not to indulge in such sorts of game. Even they should be warned not to download any unknown link, howsoever they are insisted or not to disclose any personal information or identity on the site.

Be frank and take your children in confidence and ask them to inform you about each and every movement, whether it is their personal life and virtual life. Make them understand that they are at vulnerable age and they need proper guidance to secure their future.

Check their devices regularly and check their history to know about their virtual movements and the site they tour.

These days kids have their own room. Do allot their room but not allow them to lock their room and inculcate in them the habit of playing or indulging in leisure activities in the living room of the house.

Do check their bags and belongings time to time and whenever you find your child a bit indifferent, do knock him and try to intrude in his privacy and make him spill out the beans if something is bothering him.

Explain the ill effects of game and of the people who are behind this game and brief that they are mentally ill bunch who wish to hurt people of the society and their sadistic nature derives pleasure from such activities.

Encourage them to indulge in physical activities and offline games and be an active participant in their game. This will use his budding energy in a fruitful way and will satiate him.

The parents and the children should share the things with each other and the parents need to be more vigilant about their child’s movements.

Maintain friendly relation with your children and be in their reach when they need you.
Note for parents, don’t hook yourself in the virtual world, your children needs you. Pass time with them and take them for outing on holidays and acquaint them with the beauty of nature.
Show the real world and its beauty and teach them that virtual life is only for studies and getting the tasks done easily.
Incline them towards spirituality.

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6 thoughts on “Blue Whale Challenge Proving Suicidal for Players! #SaveKids #VirtualGame”

  1. This is the precise weblog for anybody who needs to seek out out about this topic. You notice so much its almost arduous to argue with you. You positively put a brand new spin on a subject that's been written about for years. Nice stuff, simply nice!

    1. Ila Varma says:

      Thanks for your compliment. Wish to provide information on the things chasing us and believe in reformation.

  2. sneha jain says:

    I think such people who made this game are more dangerous than straight criminals, I feel like killing him.

    1. Ila Varma says:

      Thanks for your comments

  3. Parul says:

    This is so scary. I wonder how many more kids will fall prey to this game.

  4. Damyanti says:

    This is terrifying. What has the world come to?

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