Bliss of Technology! #ThankfulThursday


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Globalization is the virtue of Technology and the whole large world shrunk into a fist, connecting people and giving lots of opportunities in various fields and opened doors of opportunities for all sections of people.

Since childhood, I was an outgoing person n could never sit still in one place. Even while reading and writing, I changed places to charge my mood and I loved to be close to nature so most of the time, I was traced  more in outside world trudging in garden or hanging out on roof.

In my childhood days, technology was confined to provide luxuries in our life and did not had much role in our day to day life.

Years later, with the advent of Television and Computer, technology gripped us all. The places which we longed to visit someday could be viewed from inside the comforts of the living room and today television has entered the privacy of the bedrooms.

In the beginning, when it arrived, it took care of the Entertainment part but with the entry of Internet, it made wide difference in our lives and gradually most of the task got routed through them.

I am thankful for the growing technology which erased the boundaries of distance and people got connected. The virtual bonding is not less than the actual ones and it is growing day by day with leaps and bounds.

I was fond of writing since my early days of life but it remained confined in the journals but with the advancement of technology, we got a platform where we showcase our ability. The world of bloggers is a big world and it gave definition to my interests and even I earned huge number of virtual friends and we share a good bonding and our basic motto is “Sharing & Caring.”

The technology gave me wings to work from home and in my case, I work from my location because I keep hopping around from Patna to Mumbai and Bangalore and the technology proved to be a boon for me. I carry my lappy along wherever I move and my work is always in progress…thanks to the growing technology.

I don’t hang out for chatting but the different domains of social media has helped me to increase my reach among people and establish myself as a blogger…the social media is a boon for the world of bloggers.

With a mere click, we are apprised of the situations around and that is the boon of technology.

In nanoseconds, we are connected with our family and friends staying far away and with video calling n conferencing, celebrations are easily shared.

With Whatsapp, we are connected with our loved ones.

Today, we don’t need to panic in case of financial emergency, a click at any time of the day & night can solve your financial crisis.

In the comforts of our living room, we can order the required articles online and get it delivered in short period of time.

The technology is very advantageous if used in a positive and proper way and I believe to use it in a disciplined manner.

It changed my life for the better and I am so much tech savvy that I can’t imagine life without tech.

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14 thoughts on “Bliss of Technology! #ThankfulThursday”

  1. uttpalkhot says:

    True that…we all are now so much handicapped without Technology..

  2. Ila Varma says:

    Thanks for stopping by

  3. Kala Ravi says:

    You totally nailed it. If you don't have tech on your side, you are lost in today's world!

  4. Technology has got the minds closer but the hearts too far. Loved your post.

  5. Eli Ert says:

    What a great read:-) We are often so quick in blaming all on the new technology, and sometimes we forget the good sides to it … connection with like minded all over the world, the possibility to write and work from anywhere….

  6. Ila Varma says:

    Thanks for stopping by n for the appreciation.

  7. Tina Basu says:

    I will also be dumbfound without technology,i"ll not even have groceries in my house, Thank your for linking up with #ThankfulThursdays

  8. Without technology we would never get to know each other Ila.Wonderful reading this.Thank you for writing with us on #ThankfulThursdays.

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