Wish I could Rewind the Clock! #WOW





Yes…I wish  to go back and revisit those moments where I brimmed with innocence and never knew what envy or pride was. I could laugh out easily on the silly jokes and play pranks on friends and family without any guilt.

I questioned few of my friends that if they get a chance to revisit the past, what will they do?

Most of them wanted to change their past as they are hanging out with regrets.

I asked myself, what I will do if I get a chance to revisit the lanes of the past that I left back 25 years before.

I ransacked my brain and concluded that there is no inclination to change anything about the past rather I was a more a happy soul 25 years back where I did not care about the status of my friends or neighbours nor I was worried about boasting my status in society.

I was in my real self and enjoyed full freedom of expression. I did not had to wear any mask in those days like today. Wherever I go, I tread with my mask which changes in different situations so I possess numerous masks and it has become a habit that I have forgotten who am I in reality…I have lost my identity.

These worldly overtures has snatched my innocence and has loaded me with guns of envy, distrust and pride, making me aggressive and ever ready to compete with my near and dear ones…my mind always been at loggerheads.

All my healthiest possessions are lost.

In my early days of life, I was more caring and sharing but now maturity has jeopardized my mind, even if my conscience is ready to care the needy, my ego fights with me and asks me what the other has done for me.

When I was in my younger self, I never weighed down the pros and cons but now I am ever ready to weigh down each and every relationships on the scales…I am no more my real self. The world has polluted my mind and infected my souls with jealousy, false pride, and distrust and believes more in boasting.

I don’t have any regrets for the past rather I wish to change my present self. I want to shed down the scales that have encroached my real identity and laugh out loud.

I wish to delve deep into the past and bring my innocence back and the faith that I had for the people around and once again, I wish to see the world with the naïve eyes of my younger self.

Wish, I could turn the clock back.

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10 thoughts on “Wish I could Rewind the Clock! #WOW”

  1. Sara says:

    Oh, I want to laugh out loud too!You touched a nerve!

  2. Ila Varma says:

    Common…lets laugh out loud without any second thought…who cares

  3. Realisation is the first step towards improvement. If we realise our drawbacks, then it's never too late to rectify them and become the person we want to be.

  4. rationalraj2000 says:

    This is a very good post with some home truths! Thanks for sharing Ila,

  5. Amazing post… also check out n follow my blog it's all about fashion beauty n lifestyle.. 😀

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