Tarun Mahilani and Priyanka Purohit roped in by Kavita Barjatya as the leads for her next TV venture – Half Marriage.

is all set to showcase a unique take on marriage with its latest offering, Half
Along with different story-line, the show also brings together the
fresh pairing of Tarun Mahilani (Arjun Sharma) and Priyanka Purohit (Chandni
as the lead couple. Produced by Kavita Barjatya, Half Marriage, set in
traces the story of two individuals, Chandni and Arjun, who are married
to each other under political influence. While the couple can’t stand each
other, they can’t walk away from the marriage as well. 
who will essay
the role of Arjun Sharma said, “The character of Arjun is very aggressive.
He can’t stand anything wrong in life. He is raised with a strong value system
and stands by his principles no matter what. He is di-metrically opposite from
Chandni (Priyanka Purohit). Although we share very different equation on
screen, off screen our chemistry is amazing.
Priyanka is a person with
extremely positive vibes. She makes me feel extremely comfortable with
her professional attitude and dedication.”

who essays the character of Chandni
added further, “My role is
that of a rich politician’s daughter. Chandni
has been raised with a lot of riches and hasn’t seen experienced anything
otherwise. She is strong individual, but at the same
time she is very naïve & innocent. Her beliefs and thinking is challenged
by this boy Arjun. The cutest part about Arjun and Chandni  is their fights and the viewers are definitely going to enjoy it.”

The young
couple will be forced in to accepting the bond of marriage for political benefits which will mark the
beginning of their Half Marriage.
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