Story in 100 words. #Fantasy #FridayFotoFiction

Couple in Silhouttes


“Nancy, your dress is torn,” said Eric circling her in his strong arms, kissing all over.

“What, my bridal dress is torn? It isn’t auspicious, Eric” Nancy fretted.

“Cool baby cool. It is an auspicious sign. I am the culprit. While making love, my ring got entangled in the frills and mercilessly did the job.” Eric whispered slowly near her earlobe enticing her.

“Why didn’t you remove before indulging Eric?” Nancy said innocently.

“Hey, it was the first day. Couldn’t muster courage…but be prepared next time, now I have your permission.” Eric winked at her & she blushed crimson realizing what she had said.

Eric’s fingers started to move on her back, loosening the strings.

“Oh, wait…let me spread the curtains,” Nancy said.

“Are You Ready?” Eric whispered.

“Why not?” and their lovemaking gained momentum.

“Nancy…Nancy…here is your tea.” Eric whispered.

Oh..It was a sweet dream.

© Ila Varma 17/08/2017



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  1. Ravi Sidula says:

    🙂 nicely written Mam

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