STAR BHARAT inspires the nation to ‘Bhula de darr’. #NewBeginning #TVChannels


Mumbai, August
20, 2017
: Star India, announced the launch
of STAR BHARAT from the 28th of August 2017, 6 pm onwards. Star
Bharat will showcase inspirational stories about journeys of strong and
fearless characters that rise for the collective. 
​Celebrating the many
facets of Fearless India, STAR BHARAT
unveils a content line up with strong, rooted icons and differentiated
programming that is in line with the brand’s philosophy of “Bhula ke darr, kuch alag kar”. 

Shanti Om:
For the first time on Indian television, a
channel will celebrate the essence of devotional music with a contemporary
twist. A devotional music reality show where tradition meets trendy, creating
‘traditional’ music. The show will depict the musical journey of 14 voices
that will give a contemporary touch to devotional songs and unify audiences
across the country with their renditions. Produced by Colosceum, the show will
mark the debut of Swami Baba Ramdev on television as the Maha Judge. While the
esteemed panel of judges will include Bollywood sensation Sonakshi Sinha,
singer and music director Shekhar Ravjiani, and singer Kanika Kapoor.
Kya Haal
Mr. Panchaal?
–1 Saas. 1 Son. 5 Brides.
Boon or bane? Kya Haal Mr. Panchaal? is a comedy of errors where a mother’s
quest for the perfect bride lands her with five. See how a desperate mother’s
prayer for the ‘perfect’ bride with 5 essential qualities gets answered in the
form of 5 women with 5 different qualities. What follows is a series of funny
events. Sometimes getting more than what you ask for can be a curse! Created in
association with Optimystix, ‘Kya Haal Mr. Panchal?’ is a rib-tickling comedy
starring Kanchan Gupta as the saas and Manindar Singh as the son.
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Nimki Mukhiya– Set in
Bihar, this is a story of a village that has been ruled by men for years. Women
here are confined mostly to being home makers. But a wind of change is about to
set in. Call it opportunity or sheer luck, for the first time ever the state
will witness something extraordinary. A naïve and bubbly young girl, Nimki, who
loves to day dream and is unaware of the world outside her house, is about to
take on the responsibility of her village and become the Mukhiya. The show is a
journey of self-realization that power to change oneself as well as the
environment we live lies within. Nimki’s unexpected position as the Mukhiya
gives a comical twist to situations.
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Daam Dand Bhed
– Saam Daam Dand Bhed is the
personal journey of Vijay Namdhari, played by Bhanu Uday, a high-potential but
misguided youth who doesn’t know what he wants from life. This family drama,
based in a fictitious town in India, is produced by Shakuntalam Telefilms. When
a storm shatters his life, Vijay finally finds the courage to fight back and
protect his family. The show will trace his transformation from a carefree
youngster into a political leader, who becomes the inspiration to many.
– Set against the backdrop of Mathura, Ayushman
Bhav is a gripping story of Krish. The show depicts the poignant tale of an
eight-year-old boy whose childhood is not as simple as others’. Like other
children his age, Krish plays with toys and games but he also harbors a burning
desire to seek justice for the wrong doings in his past life. Produced by White
Horse International, the revenge drama stars popular child artist Ricky Patel
as the lead and Avinash Sachdeva, Megha Gupta, and Manish Goel as cast members.
launch campaign ‘Mat kar’​ is based on a
simple yet powerful insight on how we unknowingly allow different kinds of
fears to creep into our minds and how ​these fears end up in stopping us
from pursuing our dreams.
‘Mat kar’, an oft
repeated phrase in Indian society refers to a pull-back factor. Pulling back
from free flowing fun, nurturing a dream, making a life choice or simply
following one’s instincts. The film, conceptualized by Star India’s creative
team and directed by Shimit Amin of Chak De fame, takes
us through various scenarios, some significant and some apparently not so, all
of which play on fear.  Star Bharat’s answer to “Mat kar”
leading to fear is a resounding Bhula de darr
A New Beginning
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