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Rakhi is celebrated in India with great pomp and show and with globalization & messages & advertisements on social medias, it has managed to crossed the borders.

In my life, Rakhi has been a silent affair, the reason…my brother is the fifth sibling…we all four were girls and his arrival was after a decade and till he could understand the worth of Sacred thread celebration, I was married off.
Cousins were there but they lived far off and we sent the Rakhi by post so at home, it was just like a normal day.

Even my Mom was only child of her family so there was no one from her side to turn up on the day of Rakhi.

Watching my other friends busy with the forthcoming celebration, at times, I felt sad but gradually, I managed to come out of it and when I was near to 10 or 11 years, I tied Rakhi on my hand as I did not consider myself less than a boy…in schools, I was known as Tom boy for my attitude. 😛

I too have two sons and no daughter so still it continues to be a silent affair. Initially, few girls of neighbor used to tie them Rakhi and to combat gloom on the celebration day, I prepared special dishes for the soul sisters and my boys gifted few bucks.


Now when they have moved to other cities for work, they are lucky to have sisters in town and slowly the celebration has picked up and they try to visit their sisters on the auspicious occasion with gifts to celebrate.

My sons are typical. They don’t believe in receiving Rakhi by post and tying by themselves…If the sisters asked them to dispatch Rakhi, they answer them coolly “Why to waste money on sending Rakhi rather you treat yourself with that money” and till they were in their hostel life, never they celebrated the Rakhi festival or encouraged her sisters to send them.

I have three brothers, very junior to me in age…one brother is classic…he is of my elder son’s age…don’t think that it’s my parents mistake…it is the mistake of my Chacha. 😛

Nowadays, before Rakhi…I get bit busy by hooking on, on online portals to select a Rakhi for them and along-with it, I send almonds & nuts instead of sweets…as doctors has asked me to refrain from them so I see that they too don’t relish on them when I can’t….Sibling rivalry comes into the scene. 😀

I wish to bring in a change in the Rakhi celebrations…instead of tying Rakhi to should be to tie to the Sibling irrespective of gender.

This way, it will add more fervor to the festival and the people who don’t have brothers or sisters won’t feel bad on the occasion…as I know the feelings that I underwent down the years.

Readers…if you agree with them…add your comments.

We can bring in a change in our society.

Sharing is Caring.



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7 thoughts on “Rakhi! #SacredThread #Relationships #Siblings”

  1. Yeah I agree!!
    We Indians are typical when it comes to the festivals and why not bring a change that increases the masti & mazaa of the day😀❤

  2. Ila Varma says:

    Share more so that it reaches to more n more.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I agree to that. It should be tied to siblings not just brothers. Siblings always stand by each other even when the world is against us. Definitely the tradition should be altered a bit.

  4. Rakhi seems to be a festival of mixed emotions for everyone.Loved that you send almonds.Thanks for sharing your story with us on #MondayMomyMoments.

  5. It was nice to read about your story Ila. It's about the bond of love more than anything. Thanks for writing with us for #MMM

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