Rajesh Kumar and Mona Lisa’s Bihari moves! #Entertainment

Comedy Dangal
has proved to be no less than a battleground of laughter with
every team knocking the other with a volley of jibes and puns to give viewers
an entertaining evening. This week, team members of Anu Malik’s Akhada,
Rajesh Kumar and Mona Lisa
will leave no stone unturned to amuse the audiences
and the judges alike with their Bihari act.
Both will
entertain their fans by showcasing their lesser known side. Breaking the image
of Roshesh Sarabhai, Rajesh Kumar will be seen donning the desi avatar. Mona
Lisa who is a popular actresses in the Bhojpuri film industry will be seen
playing the role of a flop Bhojpuri actresses while Rajesh Kumar will play a
notorious aspiring actor trying to make an entry in the film industry. 
A source from
the set said, “Rajesh and Mona Lisa performed like complete pros. Since both of them are from Patna, their
dialect and mannerism were perfect. Together they looked straight out a
Bhojpuri movie. They were so good that, their act was not only appreciated by
the judges and teammates but by also by the crew members who were present
during the shoot.”

The banter
between Mona and Rajesh with Bihari accent will leave audience into splits.

To watch Rajesh Kumar and Mona Lisa showcasing their Bihari moves, don’t
forget to tune in to Comedy Dangal every Saturday and Sunday at 10 PM only on

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