Musings XVII

Don’t be a miser with words

Converse wiser

Being frugal with words.

The fire billowing inside

Of intense love & care

Can’t be acknowledged

If you curb the emotions

Caging inside you.

Leave the tempestuous emotions free

You will be allayed of the turbulence

And your beau will be blessed

To discover you

In new attire.

© Ila Varma Aug.2017

(At times, people conceal their emotions and they are misunderstood by their partners. Break your silence and shower your concern & love.)

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4 thoughts on “Musings XVII”

  1. Converse wiser
    Being frugal with words. is something I am still struggling with .Very important to be careful of words.Beautiful poem Ila

  2. What a beautiful poem you have written Ila. Loved the top 2 lines – "Don’t be a miser with words. Converse wiser"

    I guess most of the problems will be solved if we master these 2.

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