Mahindra Drives in its New Electric City SmartCar, the ‘e2oPlus’ in Raipur, Chhattisgarh.


The e2oPlus marks
the entry of electric vehicles in one the most prominent emerging state
capitals of the country.
Price starts
at Rs. 7.46lacs (for the P4
variant ex-showroom Chhattisgarh, post FAME incentive)
Raipur, August , 2017:Mahindra Electric, part of the diversified USD 19 billion Mahindra Group and a pioneer in the development and production
of electric vehicles in India, today announced the launch of its new electricCitySmart
car, the‘e2oPlus’in Raipur. With zero emission, the ‘e2oPlus’ is set to usher in
a whole new concept in urban mobility and is priced at an attractive Rs. 7.46 lacs (for the P4 variant
ex-showroom Chhattisgarh, post FAME incentive).
Commenting on the launch, Mahesh Babu, CEO, Mahindra Electric said, “Mahindra strongly believes in Sustainable mobility. 
We are one of the first to invest in electric technology and being the pioneers,
we Mahindra Electric, are committed to be at the forefront of the movement to transform
mobility and make it cleaner and more sustainable. We are happy to launch our
electric hatchback e2oPlus in Raipur today. Mahindra e2oPlus with its zero- tail
pipe emission will support the government’s vision to make New Raipur – a world
class city. We are confident that the existing favourable state policies will
serve as a positive support towards adopting sustainable mobility and will help
Chhattisgarh create a greener future.”

On a full
charge, the Mahindra e2oPlus can travel for upto140 kms and
can achieve a top speed of 85kmph. Powered
by the latest electric drive train technology from Mahindra Electric, the e2oPlus can effortlessly cruise through city traffic and drives
Mahindra’s vision of the Future of Mobility. The tall-boy design and spacious interiors make for a
compact city car that can comfortably seat four adults. 
At the core of the e2oPlus is a collection of connected features that
have been developed to make the car both easier and more enjoyable to drive and
maintain. Whether it is planning a route, checking the health of the car, or
remotely cooling the car, the e2oPlus seamlessly integrates technologies to offer functionality and is aptly
designed for easy urban commuting.
The host of innovative features include remote
diagnostics through telematics, connectivity through smart phone app, new and
advanced infotainment system, regenerative braking, Hill Hold control for easy driving in hilly terrains, REVive® for reserve charge and automated messages amongst
Charging the e2oPlus is as simple as charging a mobile
phone. Customers can choose between 4 trim levels (P2, P4, P6, P8) and 4 exciting colours namely Coral Blue, Sparkling
Arctic Silver, Solid
Key features of e2oPlus
Hassle free drive:

– This revolutionary technology (first in India) charges the battery of
every time its brakes are applied, helping the car literally recover the energy
it dispenses.

–  In the absence of a heavy
engine or moving parts lagging the power output, the e2oPlus
provides an instant torque to zoom with maximum momentum from the very minute
its engines are cranked.

REVive® is a first in the world feature by Mahindra Electric. On the rare
occasion that the car runs low on energy, REVive® can be activated to gain an
extra 5-10 kms of range, to help the user reach home or the nearest charging

Home Charging
– The e2oPlus can
be easily charged through any normal 16 Amp plug point, making it highly
convenient and easy.

Turning Radius
– With a small turning radius of 4.35m and electric power
steering, the e2oPlus
makes maneuvering the tough city traffic highly easy.

– This feature assists in preventing the e2oPlus
from slipping backwards or forwards on a slope, making it accelerate without
any jerks.

– It assists to spot blocks, gauge distances, and unravel blind spots
making it easy and convenient to reverse.

yet spacious
– The e2oPlus has
been designed smart with ample knee room, headroom and cabin space, making it
versatile for families of all sizes.

Low expenses:

running costs
– At just 70p/km, the e2oPlus
beats almost all other cars on running costs.

Drive Transmission
– The e2oPlus
operates without a conventional gear box –
means no clutch. This
translates to reduced mechanical losses resulting in maximum efficiency. 

– Self-employed and businesses can avail tax savings of close to Rs.
1.6 lakhs on purchase of the e2oPlus in
the first year itself.

– Fewer moving parts in the car accompanied by real time monitoring
by Mahindra experts ensure glitch free driving and low maintenance.

– Government offers tax exemptions, subsidies and incentives to
ensure low purchasing cost for electric vehicles like the e2oPlus.
Environmentally friendly:

tail-pipe emissions.
carbon footprint.

Strong Connectivity:

– The e2oPlus has
10 on-board computers that track around 196 performance and health related
parameters to ensure that any possible snag is fixed as soon as it crops up.

Progress Reports
– Car performance and driving patterns are analyzed to review
the battery’s service requirements which help improve the vehicle’s overall

– The e2oPlus app informs on the nearest charging station in order to
ensure a peaceful drive for the car through the city.

Phone app connectivity
– The e2oPlus app
puts the car’s information and control in one’s smart phone. It allows one to
lock/unlock the car, retrieve performance metrics and health metrics and draw
charging schedules.
About Mahindra Electric

Mahindra Electric, a
part of the USD 17.8 million Mahindra Group is a global pioneer in the
development and production electric vehicles. Mahindra Electric is India’s only
EV manufacturer with indigenously developed EV technologies that have won
global accolades. The Mahindra Group has one of the most diversified portfolio
of electric vehicles with the e2oPlus hatch, the eVerito
sedan and the eSupromini van and panel vans.
Pushing the limits of
technology and innovation, Mahindra has acknowledged the need to redefine
mobility at every step. This lead to a vision with a desire to transform; a
vision which provides an imagination which is more sustainable and more dependable.
Venturing into the paradigm of alternative technology has helped Mahindra
enable a clean, green and a smarter tomorrow.

Mahindra Group is a USD 19 billion federation of companies that enables people
to rise through innovative mobility solutions, driving rural prosperity,
enhancing urban living, nurturing new businesses and fostering communities. It
has a leadership position in utility vehicles, information technology,
financial services and vacation ownership in India and is the world’s largest
tractor company, by volume.  It also enjoys a strong presence in
agribusiness, components, commercial vehicles, consulting services, energy,
industrial equipment, logistics, real estate, steel, aerospace, defence and two
wheelers. Headquartered in India, Mahindra employs over 200,000 people across
100 countries.

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