Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Innocence Breached! #Rapes #MoralityatStake

Violence, threats & murder, rapes and incest paints the newsprint, ho halla on multiple channels steal the serenity of our mind and at times, we question with ourselves?

What’s going on?

Why so much of turbulence in an educated society?

Have we got educated for the sake of acting barbaric?

The news of a ten year old girl giving birth to a girl child left me shattered and thousands n thousands of queries stirred me from within...and I can feel her blank eyes.

Who is safe in our community?

The small kids are raped and sodomized. The kids who go through carry the scars with themselves forever and nothing can help them to erase these unfortunate incidents.

What are the people up to?

How can a man be so cruel with her?

Was he not able to judge her innocence while outraging her modesty?

My blood boiled when I came to know that a close family member was involved in this heinous crime…the man stole her childhood forever.

I don’t know whether this case is the first case of such incident but in my life of 45 years, I have heard it for the first time and this incident challenges all to be vigilant towards their kids.

Though news has been floored that she is not informed about the pregnancy & childbirth but the pregnancy blues are not so easy to digest for a responsible n grown up woman…how she faced the trauma so silently…She didn’t understand when the man breached her virginity but carrying baby for so many long weeks…she might be aware of all the transformations within…even the hushes around are loud enough to make one aware.

There are immense physiological & psychological changes, how can it go unnoticed under her nose?

I don’t know her nor have I seen her but my heart cries out for her at the thought of so many unfortunate incidents that saddled her life and never can she be a normal child again.

The ignorance of her parents jeopardized her life forever.

How her Mother could not notice her physiological changes?

Even the illiterate chunks are well aware of these basic things.

The law of our country proved futile for her…leaving her at the risk of giving birth to a child when she herself was a child, who saw only ten springs of her life.

I may sound harsh n stern but it would have been far better to terminate her pregnancy risking her life…even this take was a real threat to her life.

A child came into this world, who got abandoned on the very first second of life; how she will cope with her life later on…this question haunts my mind.

In today’s world where technology is so advanced still such child are born who are consequence of lust and are abandoned…indeed a very sad facet.

How her Mother ignore her daughter’s missed period?

Appeal to Parents:

Be frank with your child and let them open up in your presence, especially Mothers need to be careful.

Teach them about good and bad touch.

Win their confidence so that they share each and every piece of information….good or bad.

Be vigilant for both; Sons and Daughters.

At times, parent’s surveillance is more towards the girls of the family and this creates a rift between siblings and the girls don’t share their feelings fearing they might be scolded.

Be firm when the child is wrong but in normal cases, be friendly in your approach.

Don’t make your children timid, strengthen their innate qualities and be in reach when they need you.

Educate them about Puberty so that they don’t get traumatized when they face and inform the bare truth of Puberty.

Have faith in your child but check their movements, friends & social circle.
Accompany them when they are going for outing.

Even check the antecedents and movements of the extended family who are your regular visitors or staying with the family.

This incident can be a real lesson for many parents who ignore their offspring’s, keeping them over busy in professional, personal and social commitments.

Always remember, your child needs your presence much than your gifts.

Many might argue that the commitments that they are involved in are for their children…it’s true it is, but don’t ruin their childhood…their safety also comes under your jurisdiction so the parents needs to keep their eyes and ears open and time to time evaluate the situations.

If ever you find your child low, don’t ignore.

Discuss openly the reason and try to solve and bring back their smiles.
A parent folly stole her smiles forever.

I pray to God that not again such incidents take place…it’s very tragic for the child, family and the society.

Today…Morality is at stake.

 ***In our society, people are more vigil for girls and ignores the male community but such acts is the amalgamation of both the sexes, so parents, teachers and guardians should be vigilant towards both the sexes so that they don’t get involved in such mistakes where repentance cannot change anything.

Disclaimer: The views are solely mine and it is my outburst so the feelings penned are raw.


  1. The sad part is that the vast majority... and I really mean vast majority of incidents of rape still do not get reported. Most involve a direct family member too which only worsens the situation... its basically the movie Damini. Sadly, we haven't changed at all in all these decades.

  2. Parents should really be there for their children and try to find out what's wrong if there is any such sign. This post is the need of the hour.

  3. I also cant imagine her plight. But the article jittered me too. I really don't understand the mentality of people, have people gone so much insane that age doesn't matter, living or dead doesn't matter they just want to satisfy themselves. Parents need to be more careful and vigilant about behavior of their child.

  4. Horrible horrible horrible.I hate that story and cannot imagine how parents where clueless .Its a failure as a society to protect children


  5. It might seem obvious but sex education is the need of the hour. Educating and increasing awareness among parents too is equally important