Monday, August 28, 2017

How to make an introvert child more friendly? #MommyMoments

Parenting is a skill and it requires lots of patience & perseverance on the part of parents while addressing kids. Each child is unique in its own way and accordingly the parents need to take care of them…

Some are outspoken, fearless and daring and they require less guidance while some are shy and meek and they need more attention from parents.

If you see around, you will find kids of one set of parents are quite different in personality though they are brought up in same atmosphere been given same privileges and comfort…Their characteristics and vital statistics vary because each kid perceive things differently…so it is the duty of the parents especially the Moms to unearth their kids potential and weakness and deal them accordingly.

In my childhood days, I was a mixture of both; some knew me as Introvert while others knew me as a full package of life and vigor and over Extrovert.

I myself don’t know the reason of such dual personality. In our times, parents were loaded with so much of responsibilities that they did not had enough time to spare to delve into such fine details. They had the huge responsibility of extended families, five children and looking after the house.

Still, I am a pack of both but certainly, I pulled myself out of the shell with passing years and now, I am introvert where I choose to be…it’s my choice else I am extrovert, ready to pour my ideas and beliefs and even give sermon where required.

I know that been over introvert mars the personality and at times, we lose best opportunities…though my been introvert rewarded me with writing skills because whenever thoughts gushed inside me, I poured it raw on the journal and this was my bright side and today I am a gainer choosing blogging as my profession…my been introvert made me Creative.

In our time, we did not had so many gadgets…we had limited choice…either to play in the playground…indulge in some creativity or study…but the scenario of today is quite different.

Children of today are hooked to gadgets, as today’s children have access to multiple gadgets and if they are left alone, it will hamper their personality.
Parents needs to be vigilant so that the personality of kids are not at stake.

Parenting Tips:

1.If your child is dull and don’t want to mingle with the kids of their age group, he needs your attention. Rule out the reason for this behavior and encourage them to be active and participate in group activity.

2. Find out their field of interest and encourage them to participate fully.
Have open discussions with your kids and inquire if something is bothering them. At times, children don’t open up because of some unknown fear or inadequate knowledge.

3. Invite them in your living room when some guests visit your house and introduce them to your guests, gradually he will develop habit of conversing with strangers and it will boost their personality.

4. Encourage them to participate in social activity and give them liberty to arrange special programs on festivals and special occasions…it will add creativity in them.

5. Take them along when you visit your family and friends, at times, they may be reluctant but slowly it will interest them.

6. Fix hours of watching TV and playing games on Computer because these activities nips the creativity and imaginative skills of a child.

7. If he is more interested in extracurricular activities, encourage them to indulge. Study is important but they need assistance in carving a niche in their field of interest. Discouragement too make kids introvert.

8. Don’t leave them alone for long hours…keep a watch on their activities.
Time to time, try to find out about the activities of your child at school or with friends, it will help you to know how he is performing with others.

9. Keep a silent vigil on your child’s movements. All things should not be pronounced especially when your kids is approaching teens as they are quite vulnerable at this age and they need utmost care.

What I did as a Parent?

While raising my kids, I followed their movements silently. I involved them in all extra-curricular activities and in celebrations.

Brushed their skills and encouraged them to polish their areas of interest.

Never bullied them in front of other family members, friends or neighbors.

Whenever I found their energy levels low, I sat down with them and discussed openly what was bothering them.

These tips encouraged them to come out of their shell and enhanced their personality.

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  1. Those are great insights. As an elder sister, I was more like a parent to my kid brother, and did make a few mistakes. Wish I knew these things back then.

  2. Agree on all the points you mentioned Ila. Parents should be vigilant and follow all their activities. Thanks for writing for #MMM.

  3. Exactly how they should be treated.