Thursday, August 31, 2017

Give Wings to Your Child’s Creativity! #Creative #Imagination


While surfing, I came across a beautiful project made by a lady. I loved her project and congratulated her for her creativity. But her reply dampened my mood.

She told me that she had made the school project of her child who was a student of Class I.

The project that she had prepared was not a match for a student of Class I. It was far ahead of his age.

I could not stop myself and I right away told her that her concept was not approachable…she should not do it…unconsciously she was clipping the creative wings of her child.

She told me that it was not possible for her child to prepare the project all by himself, so she made it.

I told her that it is nice to indulge in creativity and if she has inclination towards it, she should pursue wholeheartedly using her creative ideas to decorate her house, prepare gifts for special occasions or can also take up as professional commitment…but please don’t clip the wings of your child.

My intention was not to hurt her but to show her the right path.

I asked her to give her child the liberty to use his imagination in school projects and let him prepare the things all by himself.

This is not the story of one Mother…there are many Mothers who do the same.

Even in my neighbourhood and extended family, there are many parents who do the same.

I believe that in this way they are not helping their child rather blocking their imaginative power.

Whenever I come across such parents who spoon feed their children, I object to it firmly because I don’t approve this idea.

Through this post, I wish to request to all budding parents not to nip the creative ideas of your children.

Let them explore their ideas, this way their imagination power will improve and will give wings to creativity.

Children learn through trial n error and in this bid, they may scatter things around or may spoil the things, but they need that space to develop.

Always remember your childhood…once upon a time you too went through the same phase, so keep the patience with your kids.

Arrange the things required for the project and let them take the initiative, guide where they falter.

If you have inclination in creativity, pursue your own hobby and use it for yourself…don’t impose them on your kids.

If the project is far ahead of the child’s age then the teachers too understand that it is the parent’s skill and child does not receive due credit. 

Further other school children get discouraged if their work is not appreciated.

The child ability won’t develop then they will always be in a lookout for ready-made solution.

Parents…give fair chance to your child to soar high on their own ability.

My Experience:

One of my close relative spoon-fed their children and in school time, they achieved high marks in all subjects but later in life, they could not clear any competition. I had watched them closely. All the homework and school work was done by the parents and the kids mugged up. The school projects were either bought from market or made by parents. I too was a kid and watching them achieve feats of success in school, I grew envious of them n at times despised my parents for not helping. Later in life, I realized their parent’s mistakes and feel sorry for the children.
While raising my children, I did not repeat the mistakes that my relatives did. I accompanied them but never imposed my skills and the result is that I am satisfied with my children skills, few they have inherited from us and some they have developed on their own.

Mothers, Shower your love and affection but not at the stake of clipping their wings…Watch them soar heights…you will love to watch their achievements. 


  1. You are right dear. I try doing exactly just this and understand that everything he makes can't be a masterpiece

  2. Very true Ila .Its importantw to let them do it themselves .Loved this post #MondayMommyMoments appreciates your writing.

    1. Learning is easy through practice...imposition does not do any good rather it hampers child's growth.

  3. I like the thought behind this article Ila but I have seen around my neighborhood schools have become over demanding and they don't relate to the home-extensions & kids age.
    Hence at times parent have no respite but to do it themselves - here the case is different I see but the problem is deep in system.

  4. This is another very relevant and meaningful post! Parents would do well to follow the advice completely.

  5. Parents should motivate the child and should also improve their skills.