In all of living, have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.       Gordon B. Hinckley

Life is unpredictable…no one knows which day, the hour or second will turn out to be the last day of life so why to carry the burden of enduring the precious life…Better enjoy the hours that we have in our hands…who knows…Kal Ho Na Ho.

I may sound philosophical but this is the fact of life that we all know, still, we bury ourselves in grey and accumulate hassles and worries.

Lead a Bindaas life.

Choose and adopt the habits that give you goosebumps & frills and you feel rejuvenated and contended with life.

I love being busy and I keep myself occupied most of the time until I am awake…either my mind is on errands or I am physically mobile. I can’t sit idle and been multitasked, I lay my hands on several things in one go.

What I enjoy most?

Music is my first love and I breathe Music. It is the essence of my life and it keeps me going. It’s fun to listen to songs and even after four and half decades of my life, I still tap my feet on fast numbers and family members are in awe…finding me totally engrossed in Music. Music refreshes my mood and it calms me from within…Nothing can beat Music and I cannot live without music. While listening to music, I enter into the realms of trance and it imports me to another world of serenity. It is very soothing to my ears, mind, and heart.

My second love is Gardening…I invest my important time into gardening and it gives me complete satisfaction to watch my nurtured babies grow. The sight of watching my plants grow and flower…really leaves me happy to the core…It is soul satisfying.

Since childhood days, I used to give time to gardening and prepared compost manure by burying all the plant wastes in a pit and covering for few months and when the wastes transformed into soil, I used them in my garden. At that stage, I was not so conversant about gardening tips but my science book helped me to use and test my knowledge and it turned out to be successful.

Till a few years, we had a huge bungalow and large piece of land was there for sowing and rearing and I indulged in it actively. Now we have shifted to apartment style but still, I take utmost care of the garden in the basement and balcony garden inside our flat.

Watching them grow and flowering is very soothing to the eyes and it gives immense satisfaction and happiness.

My third love is Cooking. I adore to cook and serve people. I never take it as a burden rather it is fun for me to cook and serve.

I cook a variety of Vegetarian & Non-vegetarian dishes, Desserts and Cakes and love to spread out for my guests, family n neighbors.

The happiness that surfaces on others face after having my preparations leaves me satiated and contended & boosts me to indulge in cooking & serving.

In my leisure time, either I am busy taking care of my plants or trying new dishes developing my culinary skills & in the backdrop Music flows.

I love my habits and wish to retain till the last breath of my life.

It adds spices to my life.

I never get bored of my habits rather I am continuously in a lookout to develop my skills and expertise in these areas.

Many might wonder what is funny about these habits…They might frown.

I love indulging in these acts and it gives me pleasure, so obviously, these are my funny habits and I am thankful to the Almighty to bless me with this expertise.

My habits are a treasure to me and my family.

Music heals bruised souls.

Gardening fills us with happiness to prosper & grow.

Serving people is next to Godliness.

Thank You, buddies, for choosing such a beautiful prompt for this Thankful Thursday.
I loved writing for this Prompt, “3 Funny Habits you are Thankful for”

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