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I believe in using natural products to take care of my skin and hair. I use raw egg for my hair since more than four decades and curd for skincare since two decades or more. I use henna for hair color.
Nothing artificial and synthetic is loaded in my cupboard as I firmly believe in nature and I know that it is not going to give fast results but it is very beneficial in the long run.
Mamaearth has launched the products wherein the final product is derived from nature and is devoid of harsh chemicals and the results are far reaching and mind-blowing.
I have developed trust in the products of Mamaearth baby range and Mama range and I use it profusely.
Today, I am going to detail you about the product, Mamaearth Epsom Bath Salt which is in flakes and can be used as a Bath Salt, Soaking Tired Feet in warm water mixed with this Epsom Salt. It reduces body ache, relaxes muscles cramp and nourishes skin.
Product Description:

The brand Mamaearth confirms that the product is completely free from all harmful chemicals, which means NO PARABENS, NO SULFATES, NO MINERAL OIL, NO DYES & NO SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES.

The product is dermatologically tested in Europe basis European Union standards and use MadeSafe certified ingredients.
MadeSafe ensures that the products are completely free of behavioural, dermatological and environmental toxins. It is also cruelty free & NON GMO COMPLIANT.
Product Claims:

Packaging: Packaging is quite attractive and the colour Pink & Green chosen for Mama range products justifies it. It comes in a sturdy plastic tub with well fitted lid. It is easy to carry while travelling without the fear of spillage.
Pricing: INR 399/200 gm
Shelf Life: Two years.


Product Review:  Epsom salt is not a new thing but the components amalgamated with Epsom salt is amazing and the results are awesome. It works well in pain & inflammation of tired feet and relieves soreness too.
I used to check the inflammation of my ailing father who faces issues of inflammation and pain in both the legs.
In five mugs of warm water, I added two big spoons of the Mamaearth Epsom Bath Salt and asked my Dad to soak his feet till the water cooled off. He tried for three consecutive days and the results were positive and he asked me to detail the product, so that he could buy for himself.
Using this salt in bathing water too gives good results and it gives a feel of freshness after bath.
It can be used in varied way as per your requirements as a face and body cleanser too.
After mixing the flakes in water, the hue effect is calm and cool.
I use twice or thrice a week and I am contended.
The people using bath tub can mix profusely (two cups) in their bathing water and soak themselves for half an hour.
My friend tried and she vowed to buy the product from Amazon as she found the results amazing.
It is a Healthcare product and can be used by the people of all age.
Pros: Innumerable.
Cons: Price a bit high if one uses profusely as a Bathing Salt but its cheap compared to visit to a neighbourhood Spa,
Available online Amazon, Flipkart & Nykaa.
My Ratings: 4/5

I received the PR samples and my opinion is honest & unbiased.

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6 thoughts on “Epsom Bath Salt! #Mamaearth #Healthcare #Review”

  1. Yes, Epsom salts are a bit expensive but they really do work. Know this from experience.

  2. I have give a try for this. I have used Mamaearth's other products. Really they were so good.

    1. Ila Varma says:

      Hair mask n face mask is awesome too.

  3. zainab says:

    They are a great buy! Love the pics that you have shared 🙂

  4. I have heard good things about Epsom salt .Will be checking this out.

  5. Ila Varma says:

    Yes…Try Argan hair mask and facepack of Mamaearth…results are awesome

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