I am very particular about my birthday celebrations and till today, I celebrate it with full zest with my family, friends and well-wishers.

Every year, I wait anxiously for the D-day and celebrate each year in a different way…motto is to hangout with my favorites, munch chocolates and cakes and I love throwing parties…you all will be surprised to know that my wedding anniversary falls on the date of my birthday and the date was intentionally chosen…Chalo…let me disclose the reason behind it.

I got married in my late teens…and now I have completed three decades of marriage and in those days, I was not sure whether my would be family would be particular about my Birthday celebrations…so the date was fixed with a view that even if my in-laws family forget my birth date, they would at least celebrate my anniversary…Thankfully, my family, hubby and kids are particular about it and both important dates of my life is celebrated lavishly…now I often regret to have chosen the wedding date on my birthday…but you can’t have best of all.

Even I am particular about the birthday celebrations of my kids ..and planning of the D day starts three -four months ahead to make the celebration big and I try to make each year memorable for my kids.

When I was in my teens, I had a chance to participate in birthday of my cute neighbor who was hardly three-four years old.

They had laid the tables lavishly, huge cake was cut on the occasion and even the gathering of attendees was huge…but I felt that the adults and parents were more into enjoyment leaving the birthday boy to mess around…parents hardly cared about it, they were busy in boozing and dancing…I was quite hurt to watch the pity state of the birthday boy and that day, I vowed that never in my life, I would create such situation for my kids and will celebrate the occasion with their friends and give them a chance to enjoy their day in a special way…it’s their birthday and they have complete right to enjoy.

I celebrated first birthday of my kids with pomp and show inviting huge number of family n friends…next year onward…I invited their friends, who were more or less of the same age.

1.Cooking favorite meals of my kids and the menu is different in each birthdays. They love my cooking fusions and the whole chunk of kids relish on my mouth watering snacks.

2. Arranging a Game so that all the birthday attendees are engaged fully and enjoy every bit of the celebrations. Every year the pattern of game is improved and organised as per the age of the child.

3. Interesting Return Gifts: The kids themselves decide what would be the return gift. I declare my budget for the return gifts and within the declared budget they get special gifts for the special guests.

4. Decoration: Till the age of 5, I along-with my husband used to decorate the house with colored papers and balloons. After that the kids along with their bosom pals decorate as per their choice and they have the freedom to play songs of their choice.

5. Celebrations at home: Home is the best place to throw Birthday party…no need of been over conscious. They don’t need to act in a weird way rather they are in their real form and I give them the freedom to enjoy the day in their own way…they are in their original skin.

Now the kids are grown up but still they and their friends are fond of my culinary skills and make it a point to visit me when they are in town to feast on my festivities.

This is my way of celebrating Birthdays of my Cute pies, What is Yours?

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