Can we imagine life without colors? It’s impossible to live with white & black.

Colors have great significance in our lives. It plays an important
role in our life and it acts as a stimulator. It stimulates our mind and
enhances our mood.When you spot a rainbow after rain, however gloomy
you are, you feel happy to spot it and it’s comforting to gaze at or
capture in our mobiles. The amalgamation of seven colors is serene to
look at and it gives positive vibes…so are the different colors…some
have positive vibes and few have negative vibes.The different colors
have different significance in different cultures and traditions and its
choice depends upon varied parameters. For instance, Red hue will be
best for the bridal wear but the same hue would not be suitable for an
old woman. Shades of white will look graceful & elegant in elderly
ladies but it won’t be suitable for brides. So the choice depends upon
person, place, occasion, space etc.It’s easy to zero in apparels but it
is a herculean task to decide the colors for the home space and
interiors, workplace and commercial outlets. Pantone TPG Color Guide will help in your choice.

There are primary colors and indefinite number of shades are obtained
from these basic primary colors, Red, Blue & Yellow.The choice of
colors reflects the personality of an individual because each color
reacts with the brain and how an individual perceive it. Based on the
theory of reactions and perceptions, the Egyptians and the Chinese uses
colors to heal and this process is called chromo therapy. This therapy
is used to cure psychological diseases and the studies have proved that
it has positive influence on the person.Nowadays people are more
concerned about the usage of the colors in their bedroom space, office
cabin and so on and believe that it controls fatigue and stress.Two
three decades before, people were not so concerned about the colors of
their home or office and basically, it was painted to give a clean look
but today, the situation is entirely different.

Why we need Designers?

Innumerable shades can be obtained by mixing the primary, secondary
and tertiary colors and one has to do detailed study to bring out the
real effect of colors. It can’t be picked up randomly. The virtual
medium and the graphics has made the task easy for the designers to
create, recreate and amalgamate, giving birth to new hues. Proper
combination of colors enhances the look of spaces and gives a new &
elegant look. The size of the spaces can be narrowed or broadened by the
use of appropriate colors creating optical illusions. The dark areas
are colored with light colors whereas the sunlit areas are painted with
dark colors.The color compatibility depends upon various factors such as
age, direction, individual choice, personality, upholstery, furniture,
artistry, sunlight etc. Nowadays people decide on the basis of their sun
signs and birth dates.The designers work on the usage & purpose of
the space, location of the space and the user of the space and
accordingly combines colors.Designers work hard to create color tone as
per the demand of the customers keeping in mind the choice of customers.
It needs a careful planning and its implementation in a right way and
in right proportion. Over usage of colors will mar the look of the
space. The colors used on the wall surface and roof should complement.It
is a daunting task and it has to be given utmost importance in
selection of colors. The choice of colors also differs on geographical
locations, weather and climate of a certain place. A careful planning
will give a svelte & extravagant ambiance to the spaces.There are
specific colors associated with different institutions such as in
hospitals, generally shades of white, blue and light green is used. It
is believed that these colors have soothing effect on the
patients.Bright colors are used for children, cool colors for elderly,
warm and radiant colors for young age.Designers need to have perfect
knowledge of Color psychology and the symbolic definition of a specific
color.Practical testing of colors is an integral part while deciding
colors for spaces. At times, the colors that look attractive in
photographs, do not appear the same on the surface.A Designer with good
knowledge and practical experience need to be employed to work with
perfection and the usage of Pantone graphics will give a picturesque look to the interiors of the spaces.

Colour Psychology: 

Just imagine if the world around was painted in one color or the
veggies & fruits were all of the same hues…life would have been
monotonous & boring.The colors around us breaks the monotony and
infuse positive vibes in our life. The colorful flora & fauna spices
our life and the mood and emotions too are governed by the colors.The
red board on the road depicts symbol of Stop, green color symbolizes
Nature, yellow color symbolizes ripe and so on and many times non-verbal
communication takes place on the basis of colors around.

Psychological effects of Colours on the Aura of Humans:

Red indicates strong emotions such as high
level of energy, blood, strength, anger, love, pride, passion,
aggressiveness etc.Use of red color is mostly avoided in rooms as often
it creates negative affect on people and leads to high BP & pulse
rate.Red in used in kitchens and restaurants as it denotes appetite and
is considered good for these spaces.It has higher visibility so it is
profusely used in alarms & signals. Blue
color radiates positive energy and it gives a clean, cool and clear look
energizing the minds of the dwellers. It is the color of the sky and
the sea. It controls BP and heart rate and emits positive vibes. It is
associated with wisdom, confidence, faith, and trust. It is mostly
preferred for living rooms and bedrooms and the usage of blue changes
the dimension of the space. Green symbolizes
nature and the affect is cool and calm and it creates a relaxing
atmosphere. It is associated with growth, harmony, freshness, and
fertility. It is very soothing to the eye and a natural healer. Yellow symbolizes
brightness and it lends optimism to the atmosphere. It is the color of
sunshine and is associated with joy, intellect and cheerfulness. White
is associated with light, goodness, innocence, purity, spirituality and
virginity. It is the color of clouds and snow and it gives clean &
clear appearance. It enhances the mood and keeps one happy and hale. It
connotes peace.Black is generally associated
with negative connotations and is associated with death, evil, mystery,
grief and fear. It has positive connotation too and it associates with
strength and authority.
The mixing of these colors with different colors gives innumerable
color dimensions and the designers choose with perfection for the
required spaces.The designers can take help of Textile Design Studio to create more combinations as human aura is guided by colors.

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