Parenting Journey! #Parenting #MMM

The journey
of Motherhood was very satiating and each moments were so captivating that I
don’t wish to change anything.
Why I don’t
wish to Change?

There are
valid reasons.
Stress & Fatigue: The time I gave
birth to my cutie pies, I was very young and sturdy and no amount of stress
tired me rather it energized me. If I go through once again, I will not able to
cope up with the stress & fatigue of a Motherhood.

Impatient with Age: I was careless
when I got married but as I conceived, I was transformed with lots of patience.
I enjoyed their tantrums rather getting exhausted and never lost temper…no shouting…no yelling…no beating. I silently accepted their mistakes,
follies etc. Now, I can’t control my temperament and get irritated easily and
I hold growing age is the factor responsible for being impatient &
 Enjoyed Cooking & Creating things
for them:
Now, I want them to help me in my chores and create ideas for my
blogging. I am in no shape to restart the journey of parenting. Still I love to cook & bake for them but can’t figure myself running after kids to feed them.
Satisfied with my journey: I am
totally satisfied with my parenting journey and don’t wish to alter a single
block of it because the consequence of my parenting proved rewarding and
watching my big boys fills me with confidence and pride. If I restart, I may
not give my best what I gave to my kids.
I did not
missed as such something very important to think of restarting the parenting
journey but certainly, I look forward to enjoy the bliss of grand motherhood
and would love to indulge with them.
I missed
capturing the beautiful moments in my mobile as camera wasn’t as handy as
mobile is and making videos and short movies via Handycam, so would love to capture them when I am blessed with grandkids.
I am fully
contended with my parenting journey and would not like to modify anything.

I am proud
of my boys for what they are and they are the rewards of my nurture.
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8 thoughts on “Parenting Journey! #Parenting #MMM

  1. It was very heart warming to read that you are so satisfied with your journey as a mother. And here I am who wants to change everything everyday. I specially agree with you on the patience thing. With me too as I grow older, I am less and less bothered about running after my kids and checking them at every nook and corner.

  2. Very glad to know you are fully satisfied with your parenting journey Ila… Yes with technology today capturing memories is much more handy than it was then. Happy for you

  3. Your post is a true satisfaction in every manner. I was also married early in life and had children but was not brave enough to accept the change happily. Gradually I matured.

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