The word,
Motherhood” brings lots of memories with it and I believe those are the
happiest moments of life in the life of a woman. The journey isn’t easy rather
it is a roller coaster ride but we face the upheavals of motherhood with smiles

The day
pregnancy test comes positive, she jumps with joy and start weaving dreams about the
life that she is carrying the womb. She faces lots of mental and health traumas
but she bears all happily just for the sake of her flesh. During those nine
months, her dreams revolve around her baby and watches her movement and kicks
within. She readily accepts the bodily changes with each month.
undergoes nerve wracking pain to give birth but the cry of a baby soothes her
pain and she is overjoyed to see the face whom she nurtured with her blood.
treasures each moment of motherhood capturing in her albums, notebook, tape recorder and in
her treasure box.
She notices
each small movement with joy and she is overwhelmed to watch baby growing with
each month.
My boys have
outgrown my lap but still the memories of motherhood are intact and fresh and I
cherish those memories to keep myself happy. Those are the precious treasures
of my life and with each moment, number of stories unfold and it feels as if it
is the incident of yesterday.
Two decades
before, there was dearth of digital media but the Kodak camera and scrapbook
came to my rescue to store those moments of life.
Camera: I am
fond of photography since childhood. When my baby was born, I kept the camera
in my purse and captured each moments into it. In those days, we had to take
prints of the captures so tried to finish the reel in one go as it was
difficult to wait for long. There was curiosity to see them and stick into the
albums. So all memories of my motherhood was captured by Kodak camera and
several albums are stacked in the shelf. Whenever, I feel lonely, I spend time
with the albums. Now I have started scanning them to preserve in my laptop,
because the snaps are losing its sheen in albums.
Scrapbook: I
maintained a scrapbook in which I jotted down my feelings from the day of
conceive till they passed the boards. All the results, moments of pride when
they won contest etc. are preserved in it. When I read them, I feel as if my
kids are around and memories are refreshed.
Since few years, I started scanning the snaps and maintaining a folder of each
year of my boys. Whenever, I miss them, I go through them to recollect memories of the past.

holds their small clothes, the first that they wore and of many other
important occasions. They even hold their toys on which they were not able to try
their engineering, certificates of achievement nicely stacked in files. It hold
the small joys of life.
The first word they spoke, the first sentence they learned was
earlier stored in audio-cassettes, which is now segregated in CD’s. Their cute
baby talks evokes positive vibes within me and in my empty nest, I hear again n
again to bring back the reminiscences of the golden days.
Lots and
lots of memories of Motherhood is stored in my heart and it will always be
intact till the last breath of my life.
The best
thing that happens to a woman is Motherhood and it fills her with unconditional
love and affection.
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