Thursday, June 8, 2017

Why I chose to become a Mommy Blogger? #Parenting #Motherhood


Blogging is in my nerves. Since childhood, I have a habit of scribbling my emotions; be it happy ones or the hardening facts. I wrote to diffuse my struggles and escalate my happy moments.

I was an introvert, so did not believed in sharing with people rather found solace in writing…still in a habit of scribbling…previously, the diaries shared my good n bad moments of life and now my lappy laughs at my overtures.

However busy I am, I do take time out to write few lines. Now with blogging, to reach out to more n more audiences, to watch my page views stumbling to new numbers, followers n friends increasing, I can’t stop myself from venting out my experiences & varied hues of my life.

Initially, I wrote my observations, experiences and emotions in the form of prose and poetry, fictional short stories. When I gained momentum on my blog, an idea buzzed to share my experiences with Moms of past, present and future and chose to become a Mommy blogger.

Becoming Mommy blogger brings back the memories of the days spent with my kids and now in my Empty nest, the memories of past appends cheerfulness to my life and I reminiscence and cherish those glorious flashes.

When you become a parent and especially a Mom, once again childhood revisits you and you share it with your child and the experience of it cannot be summed up in words…those cuddly-googly memories are so refreshing and your life seems brilliant and meaningful, when you hold the bundle of joy close to your heart…it can be only relished.

With the passage of time and changes in family & social system, Parenting has become challenging and the Working Moms are on their wits end, juggling between home, office and baby care. At times, they are so wretched that they feel that having a child is not a bliss rather a punishment and they start abhorring parenting.

Through my columns, I wish to spread the virtues of a Blessed Mom; how to tackle with the Motherhood blues and enjoy the bliss of Motherhood; how to handle the growing kids and many queries of which they need suggestions.

Down the years, there used to be elders at home, who guided them and helped them while raising kids but now, when people are living alone, no one is there to guide and the articles would be of great value to Mothers.

I thoroughly enjoyed the bliss of Motherhood and raised my kids with great enthusiasm and never ever I gave up, in spite of numerous challenges coming in my way.

I request the Moms to be patient and cool and overcome the challenges with a wide smile and the kids that you raise would be Happy Souls and an asset to your life and society.

*****Remember, “Nothing comes easy in Life!”

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  1. Your advice would be very useful to present day moms who are mostly from nuclear families....

  2. Patience is a very important part of being a mommy .You have beautifully explained how blogging about various parenting experiences can help new moms .Thank you Ila for writing with us for #MondayMommyMoments

    1. Yes Patience n been happy is the mantra of a happy life at all fronts of life.