When I look back down the lanes then I find myself
more matured with age….or you can say leverage of maturity is more than the
Time is the best planner and healer and if it heals
before outbreak of diseases, then one is lucky and today, I consider myself
You will be wondering what I am trying to say.
There was a time when I was very moody and was
always on a search of a booster to spur my mood…my mood was like the rainy
season of Mumbai…the off switch was mostly on and I lingered to search a way to
uplift my mood…and took support of Music, friends, gardening and books but I
never adhered for long and wasted precious phase of life in swinging from one
branch to another and roamed with a sloppy face.
When I stepped on the Sweet Sixteen…age of wandering
& dreams but much did not change for me…I was the same slot.
Then, one day, I sat alone in silence &
“What stopped me from enjoying my precious life?”
I was born in a well to do family, pampered with all
the comforts…then why was I wasting my time and energy over uplifting my mood.
Then and there, I vowed, “I will control my mood and
not be controlled by Mood…it’s my kingdom and I am supposed to reign on my
life…no intervention allowed of this shit, ‘Mood’ which was spoiling me and my
mood tantrums affected my direct family and I was been considered a stubborn
This was the turning point in my life and all evolved for good.
I started enjoying the small joys of life and large
transformations was seen in me.
Few were mistaken by my positive mood swing and
thought that I had fallen in love.
Yes, I had fallen in love but not with any person. I
had fallen in love with Nature.
I was fond of gardening from childhood but never
initiated much.
We lived in independent house and acres of land
sprawled around which was used for flowers & veggies.
I took a patch of  front bed row for myself to try my gardening
skills, which included weeding, seeding, watering and preparing compost manure…it
was one of my best engagement after studies and watching the plants growing
boosted my mood and a level of satisfaction enveloped me. 
Gradually, I started
helping my Grandfather in gardening and took charge of all the flower beds and the bright hues spurred my mood.

Music turns me on and a heavenly feeling intoxicates me. It
soothes me from within and the feeling that I go through cannot be summed up in
words. I found solace in Music and it proved to be a soul healer. I started singing and started giving programs in school, colleges and in social circle…The music healed me
and the mood swings were nearly over with this practice and I felt lighter and happier…so
I devoted my free time to Music and this aspiration introduced me to friends,
who were music lovers and my social circle enhanced.

Since childhood, I was fond of reading and the mood
swings gave way to writing…it was a medium to open up and pour down the
feelings which emanated from the best and the bitter experiences of life. I was
introvert in those days, so I found writing very healing and comforting. In those
days, we wrote Diary. This flair improved my vocabulary, creativity and
imaginative skills. Word power improved a lot and even mood swings improved.
After venting out, I felt relieved and refreshed, it brushed up my woes.
These three medium helped me to control my mood
tantrums and these three bestowed great change in my persona.
I overcame the mood swings and at the age of 17, I
was a new self, who looked at life with a positivism.
No grievance or loss or lows of life screws me
anymore and I became adjustable &adaptable and I never back out however adverse the
circumstance is. I accept the lows of life as a part and parcel of life.
This is me….What about U?

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