As weekends is about to arrive, the mind starts
tickling of the youngsters, ready to gallop on the roads with racing bikes along
with friends. The day Friday is been associated with TGIF (Thank God, It’s Friday.) and the heart of the
youngsters starts beating for the approaching hours and the two grand days of
A decade ago, I was not well-versed with TGIF but now at every nook & corner
of the metros and non-metros are ready for the show on Friday itself, which
reminds of the importance of Friday in the lives of students in higher studies
and hunks & girlies of the young employed age.
They don’t have much responsibility and in real
terms, they enjoy their life at the best on Fridays and resting on the weekends.
We, the family people breathe deeply on Fridays to
get ready for the next day with all the required weapons of cleaning, dusting
and mopping. 
Working couple have hectic Saturdays, aligning the
things of the house which often gets distracted from their places. The loads of
clothes looking at us with dirty faces to get loaded in washing machines and
bask in sun.
Today, I will brief you all, “How I Spend My Weekends” and why I am thankful for the
weekends and very ardently wait for it to arrive.
Friday late evening is the laziest day for me. After
work, I take a soothing shower comforting myself with my favourite lather and
get ready in one of my casuals in which I can breathe easily without getting
terrified of missing the creases.
I ardently wait for my better half who decides the
menu and location of Fridays…On this day, I don’t pay attention to my home and
kitchen…my fingers move on the playing list and the lights are dim so that I
can’t see the dust or the missing creases of the sheets & furnishings…I have
started believing  in TGIF.
from office and he knows me well and my overtures on Friday. At times, he decides
to cook non-veg for us or take me to some restaurants to savour on some
delicacies….and I go to bed early unlike other days, so Friday is a free day
for me to relax in my own terms.
On Saturday, I wake up early and strap myself with
all the amenities of cleaning the house, changing the furnishings and altering
the look of the whole house.
has his office and he tip toes of the house on time because I want full control
on my home and don’t tolerate interference of anyone.
First of all, I load the washing machine with the
clothes sorted out based on colour and fabric etc. Till it tumbles, I clean all
the cobwebs and dust off the doors, windows and grills. All the sheets &
covers are changed of all rooms & living room. All the decors & mirrors
are cleaned. Even soft toys are bathed.
By noon, the total cleaning of the house is done along
with the maid.
By the time, the cook cooks light meal for the day,
I creep inside the bathrooms to sparkle them and take a lengthy bath to refresh
& rejuvenate myself, brushing myself with ayurvedic powders.
After meal, comes the time to clean the kitchen
shelves, change the nappies and table mats and arrange all the things as per my
choice and need.
No rest in daytime. I keep my playing list of music
ON to boost my energy to manage the chores well.
The washing machine does overtime in weekends and
all the cleaning are over by late evening…then comes the washer man to collect
the clothes for further processing.

In evening, I give a clean look to my plant pots by
pruning and digging and sit in the balcony with my liquor tea.
When M arrives
in late evenings, he is awestruck with the sparkling look and sprawls on the
lounge breathing fresh look of our sweet home…he agrees that his Friday treat
works well.
Sunday is the day to laze around…wake up late and
move around lazily. We don’t take breakfast on Sundays, a grand lunch of
non-veg is prepared by both of us and we relish it hot with the side dishes of
raitas and sweets which we miss in weekdays.

After lunch and easy discussions of here and there,
when sleep envelops us, we aren’t even aware.

Sunday evening tea is prepared by M.
After tea, I change in one of favourite dress and
enjoy the evening with M, catching
few programs on TV or someone drops in & we close the Sunday with a light meal.
Ready for Monday to start afresh.
I feel thankful for the weekends, which gives me
ample Me time to excavate the house,
laze around and rejoice the days with full enthusiasm, anxiety at bay.
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I am thankful to God for all his blessings.
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