My Superhero!!! #Dad #FathersDay



Indeed Dad is
a Superhero
for the kids because at the tender age, what he does for us
seems very Big to us and we accept
him as Superhero and try to imitate
his style.
Dad is a dad for the daughters and sons but a
daughter’s affection is more inclined towards her father in her initial years
of childhood and the sons are more influenced by Moms; I think more of
psychology works here…Let’s not delve deep.
I too was not an exception and since I gained
senses, I was more a Papa’s Beti than a Mothers and I remember at times, Mom
felt ignored and neglected.
My father was in Sales job so most of the time, he
was on tours. I missed him badly and would cry often for my Superhero.
When he came back, I tried to spend maximum time
with him and I was pampered by him. He took me along to his office when he was
in town. I accompanied him to market or wherever he moved.
Gradually, I started to imitate his acts and even
kept his secrets.
I went with him on short trips and he puffed outside
home. No one at home had a irk of it. We were in joint family system so my mother
too wasn’t aware though she suspected.
He asked me not to spill the beans and I dutifully
didn’t spill but often blackmailed him for getting new toys or things of my
choice…really, I kept the secret till high school and spelled out to my mother…when
he had left his habit.
He was fond of non-vegetarian foods and cooked
delicious items of non-veg…you can say, he was a marvellous cook…I too fond of non-veg foods
relished his cooked mouth-watering foods.
Being in Sales & Marketing, he often left the
house when I was sleeping and returned when I went to bed…the days he brought raw
non-veg food along, he would wake me up…his one call was enough to bring me
back from slumber…and I would religiously wait for my favourite food that too
cooked by my Superhero.
As I grew up, I tried to follow in his steps and
imitated his dialogues and style (he wasn’t aware of it).
I adored the way he drove behind the wheels and
would day dream to drive one day later in life and I did.
I helped him in the cleaning of the car…we had an
Ambassador, at times, when it did not ignite, he would make me sit behind the
steering and he pushed with others to ignite.
During holidays, I would play badminton and
with him and at times, I caught him cheating…it was fair in games.
Despite all fun and pampering, he was a strict
and his anger was worse.
When he would be at home in my school days, he
helped me to get ready for school, polished my shoes, ironed my dresses and combed
my hair into beautiful plaits…it was indirect help to mother but his small acts
made me happy.
He was good at English and he imparted lessons on
its usage and rectified my language.
We spoke Bhojpuri at home but he made sure
that while speaking in Hindi & English, the flair of the mother tongue doesn’t comes in.
As I grew, I started understanding his ways and I gradually drifted apart and maintained a respectable distance where I could not argue or discuss as I could in my kindergarten days.
He trained us to be independent and do all the
chores inside and outside home which included managing money, billing of
newspaper & milk and banks, school fees and other bills so that I learn the
value of money and be independent.
My mother had unknown fears and she never wished
that we travel alone…but my Superhero gave the privilege to travel alone when
we were at an age where we could differentiate between good or bad.
I hated making chappatis and was not good at making
them but he was the one who insisted me to prepare chappatis for him…it was more
of an order than request…so there was no option to turn down…now I understand
his motive. He believed that the things people hated to do should practice every
day and gradually the people will start loving…The day, I prepared rounded
chappatis, I was relieved from the duty.
He taught me to read books other than text books and
this gave way to writing. He would bring books while returning from tours.
He imparted knowledge about good and bad touch and
inculcated table manners.
It wasn’t a cake walk with my Superhero, at times
our ideas matched and we celebrated and when we opposed each other, we were at
loggerheads…still the journey was good.
What I am today is a package of contributions of My
Superhero Dad & Mom.

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8 thoughts on “My Superhero!!! #Dad #FathersDay”

  1. A very good post! And I know it's sad that as we grow older we can't talk to our dads like we did when we were kids!

    1. Ila Varma says:

      Again we have collided in his progressive age. prevously he used to guide us now we have taken the turn.

  2. Deepa says:

    What a heartfelt post Ila. Loved reading it. Dads are special and of course a superhero for all of us. Thanks for linking up with #MMM 🙂

  3. Truly we are a package of contributions from out patents .It's special feeling when we grow up feeling loved .

    1. Ila Varma says:

      Yes, truly Amrita.

  4. Wow! Such a delightful read! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Ila Varma says:

      Thanks Rajeev for stopping by.

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