Life is so unpredictable, I never knew.

Little joys of life could bring sorrow one day

Never ever thought of it so.

The day,

when I learned swallowing & chewing

mouthfuls of cereals

Smiles floated on my father’s face.


When he is able to chew & swallow

It seems as if he has cleared the marathon

Smiles flashes on my lips & my eyes moisten.

Never ever thought of it so,

Once again,

I will see my father

in his childhood days

ailing with Parkinson

which has given him a blow.

A strong-willed Man

is razed down

to a stubborn toddler.

© Ila Varma 05-06-2017.

#Parkinson could destruct so much, never ever dreamt in life. The hands that raised me with pride, correcting my each steps searches for my hand to balance his steps.

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