The birth of a girl is detested in our society. There has been a gradual change in the mind-set of people in India and they have at least come to terms to accept the birth of a girl. But still we lag behind and more consciousness is required to overcome.

As the girl grows, so the reprimands of the women folks grow.

“Don’t do this? Behave well, you have to go to husbands house” and so on.

She too was not an exception.

She was elated when her alliance was fixed with the renowned businessman of the town and her dreams to be rich unfolded but it was short-lived.

On the marriage day, her dreams shattered when the in-laws made huge demands after the wedding rituals were over.

She was dumb and could not decide what to do next.

She did not had the courage to walk out of the marriage…neither she was daring nor her family would accept her decision.

She saw her world crashing down.

Her hubby wasn’t co-operative and taunted her over petty issues and didn’t care much about her comforts.

She cried in silence.

Her parents always tried to make her understand that she was the bahu of the family and needs to adjust however adverse the circumstances are.

She was ill treated by her in-laws, sis-in-laws and even support staff did not spare her.

After two years of marriage, she was blessed with a beautiful & chubby girl. None saw the beauty of the baby rather despised her birth and made her responsible for giving birth to a girl child.

She wondered, how a  literate family could give such statements…but couldn’t speak out.

She coaxed her fate and the day she gave her affirmation to the proposal.

Her biggest mistake and the outcome she was facing in her daily life.

Her fate was too not supportive and again she was blessed with a baby girl.

It was intolerable for her in-laws family and husband and they neglected her.

The irony of her fate was that when she went for attending functions and parties, she was asked to dress up in expensive clothes and heavy jewellery so that the onlookers could not make out what she was going through, while at home, she lived worse than a maid.

She was never left alone at public places or if relatives or guests poured in so that she couldn’t express her agony.

She submitted herself to fate but promised that she won’t allow her daughters to meet her fate.

She gave best education and they came out with flying colours and the spring of her life returned. She was very happy and thanked God for bestowing his blessings on her family.

She married her daughters in well-educated families and remained happy to see them happy.

Once she planned to visit her elder daughter’s place to see how they were leading their lives.

Everything appeared smooth in her life but the fight behind the doors terrified her. Both were yelling on top of their voice.

Whole night, she was wide awake. In the morning, she called her daughter and scolded her for been nonsensical.

“Mummy, how could you say so, when you led your life in such adverse situation?” her daughter enquired.

She remained tight-lipped but flash back of past reeled before her eyes but she did not had the courage to wreck her home.

“Beta, girls are born to balance life and home, so give in your best and the best will return to you.” She explained her.

She knew, she was wrong but she feared society and the life of a single women in our society.

Technology has advanced but the minds of Indian society need more time to bring progress in women’s life.

A lot is written about it but still in literate circle also, domestic violence is on rise.

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