Why this Double Standard? #Relationships


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Recently, I visited one of my close associates home to meet
them after a long time. There were lots of complains from her for not turning

I too wished to meet them but my routine was packed with numerous
commitments of job n home and I couldn’t take time out for Me time.

Finally, I banged one day.

She was happy to meet me and we exchanged a lot. The meeting
was exciting.
She had moved to a new house so she took me to show around
her interiors. Really, she had kept it magnificently and I felt a guilt inside
for not keeping up so well because of time constraints.

A beautiful collage standing tall in the living room attracted
my attention and enquired about it.

Ria told me that her sons have presented her on the eve of
Mother’s Day and she had received precious gifts from them.

Just to celebrate Mother’s day, they had flown to the town
and while telling, her face glowed with happiness and her wide smile and
sparkling eyes were the witness.
“Wow…you celebrated in a big way…that’s nice, so caring are
your children.” I said.
After an hour or so, as I was about to leave, her Mom-in-law
came in to meet me and she reciprocated with warmth.

“Is Mother’s Day celebration for new generations Mommies,
Swapna?” She asked me.

“No Aunty, it’s for Moms of all ages. Every day is Mother’s
day because we are the witness of her art. Father too has the credit in
bringing us to the earth but the nine months hectic journey is solely on the
shoulders of a Mom. Why Aunty, what made you ask?” I said.

“Nothing beta.” She replied.

Ria came to see me off.

As I was about to put on the ignition, Ria said that her
Mom-in-law expects gifts and celebration on Mother’s day and that’s why she
“There is nothing bad in it, Ria. It’s quite natural.” I

“Budhape main shaukh jag gaya hai.” She said and laughed.

I felt hurt and drove off without sharing words further.

I couldn’t digest her double standard.

The whole excitement of meeting Ria melted and the only
query haunted my mind.

“Why this Double Standard? Can she not feel the feelings of
her Mom-in-law, she too is a Mother as Ria is.

There are many instances in life when you wish to speak out
but you can’t always express and remain in guilt.

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6 thoughts on “Why this Double Standard? #Relationships”

  1. Thats awful.. tough I couldn't understand the hindhi part I could guess it.. I wish the grandma would have her own gifts and moments with her kids on next mother's day atleast.

    1. Ila Varma says:

      In old age, she is growing fond of. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Deepa says:

    Thats so bad of Ria..How can we not think of our elders on such occasions? Sometimes such incidents make us think of all this. Thanks for linking up with #MMM

    1. Ila Varma says:

      This is our hypocrite society we are living in.

  3. true.. that is out-and-out hypocrisy! sad that she could not realize the obvious.

  4. Parul says:

    horrible! so sad that she is going gaga over her gift and could not feel the pain 🙁

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