Monday, May 29, 2017

Life is Best with Friends!!! #Relationships

Life without friends…impossible.

Friends are for life, some for season and some for reason…but they are always there in our life.
Many have large circle of friends, some have small circle and few have limited friends…but friends exists in one’s life.

However large and friendly if you have, still you need someone with whom you can spend hours without been judged.

It is said, “Friend in need is a friend indeed”.

It’s true, adversities prove who real friends are and all can’t be real and you can’t sever ties with the ones who don’t stand by you in gloom…everything can’t go as per our wish and in maintaining relationships, we have to be adaptable and adjustable to circumstances.

I have large circle of friends and with these social media platform, the numbers have increased drastically.

I am very emotional and am easily caught in the web of relationships soon and I continue friendship forever. I acknowledge my friends and time to time, I knock them, so a relationship is maintained. This virtue of mine increases my social circle and I give value to my friends.

In this large circle of friends, all can’t be similar. When our own siblings differ in so many respects in spite of growing under the same roof and same set of parents. There are stark differences in siblings, so how can we expect friends to be like minded…One or two can be a bit similar but all differ in some respect and the friend circle is carried on well with unlike people.

The law of magnetism proves to be true in case of friendship.

I am in contact with my friends who are my Chuddy buddies of kindergarten and I well recognize the potential of all, still I keep my link with them.

There are three types of friends in our life, some are seasonal, some are with us for reason and some are unconditional. They stick with you without any conditions and are mostly there for you.

Unconditional friends don’t look for some gain or loss in friendship. They bind throughout life and value the ties of friendship above all relationships and with them, you don’t need to be formal. You can purely be yourself without any inhibitions of been judged.

In their company, we find solace and both of you know each other well and recognizes your needs, moods and your likes n dislikes; even very clear of your merits and demerits and knows to overlook your minus points n praise you where you deserve.

Telepathy works great in this relationships and many times, silence conveys all. You enjoy each other company and never get bored. You share each n everything except your BF/GF…wink, wink.

Some friends are seasonal, they believe in carrying friendship for short period of time. They are rolling stone that gathers no moss. They move with time and place and adapt well in all circumstances. Till he is with you, he is totally yours; once he moves out, you will have tough time to locate him…Enjoy the friendship with these friends but don’t bring your heart in between these friendships else you will be hurt. They too don’t play with you deliberately. It is their characteristic of not carrying relationships for long and they make friends easily. They don’t wish to be stuck, they believe in flowing with time. Some are there in my friend list and initially, it hurt me a lot but with experience and time, we learn a lot and I was no exception. I too learnt the lessons of life in a harsh way and now I try my best not to involve my heart with such friends…but this emotional do get hurt at times in spite of been fully conscious.

Some friends stay in friendship for some reasons which they won’t disclose but when they will move out of your life, you will know what reason let them stay back in a relationship. You can’t rely on these people nor can you change their outlook…a negligible part changes if good thoughts descend on them but it is rare instance. Enjoy the circle and be ready to let it go.

In my life, friends have been an integral part of my life and I carry on the ties overlooking the flaws in the relationships….I love to share and care and my this attitude has helped me to overcome adversities in life with a smile. Even if I get hurt, I try my best to find a remedy to it and ready to patch up and my power has attracted people towards me.

I have friends of all ages, some are quite elder to me, few quite younger. Age disparity is there but we tune well in all circumstances.

I listen to the sermons of my friends when I am wrong and ready to lecture when I find them in wrong pit and this keeps us lively and happy. In my group, I have friends of season’s n reasons and few of them have been transformed to unconditional. My constant yearning changed their hearts and now they are in my good books.

I know to overlook many things in friendship and this innate power of mine has bestowed me with a large circle of social circle and I am indebted to each one of them.

Hip, Hip, Hurray!!!

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  1. Thank you Ila for such a beautiful post .Friends without reason can make us feel very happy indeed.With your wonderful mature it's no wonder that you have a large number of friends .Thank you so much for writing with us for #Thankful Thursdays