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Buying Gifts is an enjoyable thing on the eve of birthdays, anniversaries, home warming and so on, but the request of Amrita & Deepa to come up with the gift ideas for a New Mom wasn’t easy.
It was a brainstorming session, googled to find ideas and introspected what New Moms really need and the useful gifts which can be of great use to her.
Years down the lane, there was system of joint family or the women used to visit their parents or in-laws place for delivery; a well-planned itinerary and the expectant Mom was carefree and did not had any guilt or inhibitions while waiting for the D day.
But now, family system has undergone tremendous changes and disintegrated to nuclear families thereby shifting all the load on the couple. The women has to involve herself more in this activity and so she needs to plan for the motherhood as there is no one to help her. Even if her Mom or MIL is coming at the time of delivery, they can’t arrange all due to time constraints.
New Mom has to take care of everything. In initial months, most of them have nausea, morning sickness etc. and they are perplexed by the sudden changes within her, both physiological and psychological. As pregnancy progresses, she is at ease and starts planning and getting the things ready to welcome her child.
I believe if the family, well-wishers and relatives gifts the things of her needs and requirements, then her maximum problem will be solved.
There is a celebration of baby shower in most of the families where relatives and friends gather for the celebration and bless the expectant mother to bear a healthy child. On this day, there is a custom of presenting gifts. If one keeps in mind about the needs of New Mom while buying the gifts, it will save some bucks of the expectant couple and the couple will be at ease. 
When we think of gifts, generally we conclude at buying for the child. Let us be considerate and gift her too that she needs entering motherhood.
After brainstorming session & googling, finally I got the list ready.
Top Ten Gifts For New Mom:

  • Nursing Bra & Nighties: In pregnancy and afterwards, inches increase of the busts and it’s difficult to hop around for perfect bra. Gift her a nursing bra of good brand so that it gives best support to her bust and it’s easy for breastfeeding. Buy colourful cotton fabric nursing nighty to give her comfort.

  • Stretch Marks Cream: is a good gift option, beneficial to her. These days, many brands are available in the market. Gift her one with Vitamin E composition, so that she can flaunt in low jeans & sari thereafter.

  • Baby Sling Bag: will be a wonderful gift for the Moms to hop around with the baby for shopping, walking and going on errands and she won’t need anyone to help her. Today’s Mom wish been independent, Baby carrier will help her.

  • Car Back Organiser: is one of the best gifts for the Moms who love to go on long drives with their hubby and this organiser will help her to organise her beauty n baby kit and use it comfortably on short errands. Very useful for vagabond parents.

  • Baby Bath Tub: There are wide varieties available today. Shop for a comfortable one and gift her either on baby shower or on birth celebration day. Indispensable in today’s life. If you are good in stitching, stitch few Malmal nappies to gift. It prevents baby rash and it is comfortable for the baby skin n easy to dry.

  • Collection of Lullabies & Rhymes: will be a wonderful gift for Mom to lull her child to sleep. If you can sing well, prepare a collection to gift. There would be emotional bonding with the child and Mom…Naani, Daadi, Mausi, Bua can do this work well.

  • Gift Coupon for Ayurveda Spa: will be a rejuvenating treat for New Mom and she will cherish the surprise spa lifelong. Get the coupon for the lovely Mom.

  • Soft Towel Set: can be presented to the Mom for her and her baby. Try to get same color for both, it will look good on them.

  • Colorful bedspreads: is one of the useful gifts for the Mom and baby. One needs good numbers of bed sheets and spreads to tackle the needs after childbirth. Choose cotton and soft linen to add comfort to both.

  • A wacky one, a gadget which can lull baby to sleep till the couple enjoys their Me time, without distractions. Couple will love. Brands should work on this to invent one.

There are wide range of gadgets and gifts, available in the market.
It all depends upon your choice, budget and viability.
Enjoy the shopping spree for your Daughter, DIL, Sister, Friend….and so on.

These are my choices, Share yours.

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