Blessed Mom!!!


God bestowed all his blessings on me and he chose me to become Mom of two cute kids. None in my family could believe that I a careless and carefree bird will manage the kids so wonderfully, leaving no stone unturned.

Time is the best teacher and the journey of pregnancy brought massive transformations in me. I readily accepted all the early pregnancy pangs and blues without complain and my heart was filled with love for the unseen child and charted big plans for my child’s future, from which few were implemented. Maximum plans was just dreams seen for my child but in practical, the implementation was impossible.

Finally, the D day arrived and after going through bone wracking pain, I bore the child and when the doctor laid him in my lap, my happiness knew no bounds and I felt blessed with divine powers. And this cute bundle of joy let me forget the pains that I underwent through.

I saw my shadow in him, same nose, same eyes and the eyes that twinkled stole my heart.

Active: The girl who never came out of bed after 7:30 a.m. or so, was up on toes at four a.m. ready to act. No alarm was required. The first cry of my son broke my slumber. The careless lad became responsible and active.

Patience: Becoming a Mom made me patient and impatience was left far away. I never got irritated or felt overworked and balanced my work and home well.

Beautiful: My skin and hair glowed with sheen after becoming a Mom. The colors of love played with my persona.

Attentive: The bliss of motherhood was that I became attentive and readily attended the demands of my child.

Responsible & Overprotective: I never left my child with strangers, helpers or support staff. However responsible they were, I never entrusted them.

The journey to motherhood changed me completely. I forgot my whims and the first thought that came in my mind was of my son.

In nutshell, I became responsible mother, spendthrift to save bucks for my child’s future and it made me courageous to withstand all odds in life and the love for my child made me weak at heart and I couldn’t stand separation from my son.

The love of a Mom is unconditional and it always overflows.

Hey Readers, do you agree with me?

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Happy Mother’s Day.





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3 thoughts on “Blessed Mom!!!”

  1. deepagandhi says:

    Agree Ila..motherhood teaches us a lot of things and for me, patience is on the top of the list.

  2. bloggerridhi says:

    You ve really made me realize how my mother would have felt when i was in her womb

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