Monday, May 22, 2017

Are We Modern in Our Thoughts? #SocialStigma


How modern we try to show ourselves but still the people of today are dwelling in past and are centuries behind in thought of action.

The people around have adopted modern culture in dressing, cuisine and lifestyle has beamed but the mental level is not so enhanced in spite of literacy and globalization.

I may sound high but after reading the following incident, you will realize the truth.

Tia was married in an affluent and socially respectable family. After two years of marriage, she gave birth to a beautiful daughter. When she was born, for first few minutes, there was utter silence. The nurses that came with the child too was upset, (her face conveyed) and they didn’t demand any ransom to hand over the child as they do at the birth of a son. Anyhow, the situation was managed by sis-in-law of Tia and relatives present congratulated each other on the arrival of a daughter or Lakshmi.

After few years, again Tia was in family way. When she broke the news to her Mom-in-law and her parents, both blessed her with a wish that this time she is blessed with a son. Finally, the D-day arrived and again Tia was blessed with a daughter. After the news, there was long silence and none could muster the courage to break the deafening eerie.

Tia and her husband had planned for tubectomy but her MIL was reluctant and she asked the attending doctor not to perform tubectomy. Doctor kept the word of Tia’s MIL.

When I met her, I told her to plan family planning to avoid further pregnancy but she didn’t listen to me and once again, she was caught in family way.

Third time, she was pregnant.

When I came to know, I was very upset and called Tia to abort this pregnancy to save her health from deteriorating further. Already she had complains of pain & weakness.

But she did not pay heed to my advice and continued her third pregnancy with a promise that this time, she will get the tubectomy done.

Again, she was blessed with a daughter and her MIL was very upset and she barged into the OT after getting the news to not perform tubectomy.

I was annoyed with the attending doctor who couldn’t explain Tia’s MIL about the complications that she might face in future if she goes on delivering children after three C-Section.

I take this incident as hypocrisy in society who are mad after male child considering them fit to be the family heir.

Have we really advanced in our thoughts and actions?

We dream big, we quote of been advanced and modern in thoughts, but I am doubtful after introspecting these incidents which is taking place around us.

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  1. That s horrible.. its make me angry to think that still this kind of people are there .. you are right.. we are not modern yet in our thoughts..

  2. As an anaesthesiologist, I get to conduct literally 100s of deliveries. And yes, many a time, the woman's vote is not enough. We find the husband and the family's choices all form a part of the final decision... as though they are going to pay for the education and upbringing of the kid!

    Can you really play mobile games while undergoing surgery? Why yes.

    1. With such families, treating doctor should intervene n point them out the health difficulties that the mother is going to face if she keeps on carrying in wait of a male child.