Friday, April 21, 2017

Safe & Pleasurable!!! #Condom usage in India

Sex is essential for procreation as well as recreation. To enjoy safe sex and for sexual wellness, one need to adopt method of contraception and one of the safe method is usage of condoms to be free from worries of conceiving or transmitting STD diseases.

Condom is regarded as one of the safe methods and its simple application makes it more popular among the masses across the globe.

This method of contraception is not new, it’s in vogue since 400 years, though it was not sophisticated or easy to use as it is today, but still there are lot of inhibitions and stigma attached to it. It is not very easy for the people to procure from the shops, though it is easily available at most of the shops.

There is a taboo attached to the purchase of condoms. Everyone is familiar with it but if still one tries to buy or enquire about it, many faces turn up towards the person who asks for it and the person is regarded as bad or immoral and that’s the reason that people evade from buying from outlets near to their home or in neighbourhood.

Many times, people walk miles to buy condoms for themselves as people feel embarrassed to buy one.

Our society of today is literate but still the matter of sex is discussed in hushed tone and people turn crimson on discussion of the same; even the outright person avoids such circumstances.
Finally, the Online Condoms Shops have come to the rescue of the masses from where they can purchase any brand of condom without turning pink or evading the eyes of onlookers.

This online portal offers varieties to choose from according to their wants and desires and affordability. There are range of products available of Sexual wellness and one has ample time in privacy to choose the products of their choice.

This online portal of Online Condom Shops has brought cheers to the couples and menfolk where they can place the orders without any embarrassments or fears and the best part and parcel of this portal is that the identity of the buyer is withheld and the packing is so discreet that onlookers can’t make it that it carries condom till it is not opened…so now no grins and no glaring eyes.
It is directly delivered to the address of the buyer and the buyer does not need to disclose its personal details for procuring online condoms.

The portal is very user friendly and the condoms and sexual wellness products of all the brands are available on this portal and at the click of the button, you can choose from the drop down menus and get it delivered at your location. It is a hassle free procedure.

Online portal has been introduced to overcome the inhibitions that men & women went through while procuring the sexual wellness products and in lack of it, there was great progression in termination of unwanted pregnancies & high incidence of AIDS & STD and men are more vulnerable to it owing to unprotected sex in India.

To counter the embarrassments & lack of knowledge, online portal has been introduced to counteract the issues and to ensure that Indian men get habituated to this concept of safe and pleasurable sex without any worries or fears.

Other than Condoms, to add zing in your sex life, one can purchase lubricating gels of different brands which aids to heighten the excitement in sex among males & females and vibrating rings are available for the females which helps them to arouse and attain orgasm in females easily and both the partners can equally cherish the ecstasy of sexual life and this online portal is of immense help for the Indian youth and couples who are more in numbers in our country compared to other countries.

The Lubricating gels are available in different flavors and in different sizes for both male and female counterpart and it can be used while indulging in foreplay, an important affair before getting ready for the copulation. These gels are basically formulated to arouse both the sexes.

The vibrating rings are designed to arouse females during foreplay to enjoy sex thereafter.

The Condoms comes in different colors, designs, size and flavors and one can secretly choose their choice and enjoy the act with no inhibitions.

The Condom makes the sexual act safe and pleasurable with no fears of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

Explore the website for more details.

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  1. A condom shop is a great idea. Do not let embarrassment stand in the way of being sexually responsible.