Mama Earth Products Reviews. #Childcare

Once again, I am back with more range of products of Mama Earth for the babies and for the moms and even senior citizens can use.

A unique product which caters the need of all generations and especially the product is derived from nature, thereby reducing the risk of the ill effects of synthetic products.

The efficacy of the product is astounding.

This month, we got Three products of Mama Earth to review.

  • Mama Earth Natural Insect Repellent Spray. 

  • Mama Earth Diaper Rash Cream.

  • Mama Earth Mineral Based Sunscreen for Babies.

 I don’t believe in using sprays for bugs and mosquitoes for the children or myself but when I read the leaflet of the product, my worries were at bay and decided that it can be used during the change of seasons and on the onset of summers to save them from bites from insects, gnats & mosquitoes.

Product Description:  This product contains natural essential aromatic oils, Citronella, Peppermint & Lemon eucalyptus and the smell is great for the babies though pungent for the mosquitoes and they swiftly run away after spray. The product is free from Deet, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, petroleum, synthetic fragrances & dyes.

Usage:  Shake well before every use. Do not apply on cuts & wounds.

The next product that is used abundantly is the Mama Earth Diaper Rash Cream. It comes to rescue in the initial years 0 to 2 years when the babies use Diapers and rashes appear on the soft skin of the babies. Diaper Rash cream smoothens the skin of the babies and it leaves the skin soft & supple. It should be used twice or thrice a day, after wiping the nappy area dry. The action of the product is very fast & it provides rapid relief.
Product Description:  This product is zinc oxide based, non-petroleum, natural goodness of Shea butter, Calendula extract, Wheat germ, Almond & Olive oil. The product is free from the harmful chemicals, that is, it has no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, petroleum, synthetic fragrances or dyes.

The last product that I am reviewing today is Mama Earth Mineral Based Sunscreen for Babies. It has come up with the sunscreen lotion for the babies which can save them from getting sunburns or skin been damaged by the sun heat. Now the baby can enjoy outings on the beaches by getting covered by this product. While going out in the sun, apply a layer of the product on the face of your baby and you.
Product Description:  It is especially formulated for the babies and it is SPF 20+ and it contains active minerals, Shea butter, Calendula extract, Wheatgerm, Almond & Olive oil and the best part of this product is that it does not contains Octycelene, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, petroleum or synthetic fragrances or dyes.

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My Ratings: 4.5/5

Word of Caution: Before using the product, don’t forget to do a patch test on your baby.

I received the PR samples and I used it on myself & my niece and found the result positive and was happy with the products response.
Reviewed By Ila Varma.

Growing Up #AtoZChallenge

Growing old means growing wiser with each passing day. This
is quite true for the people who have passed the teenage era.

The transition phase of a child from childhood to entry in
teens and surpassing teens is very crucial and needs lot of parental care &
patience to deal with the child in those phases.

When the kid is below nine or ten, you can handle his
tantrums by been lenient or strict as the situation demands but as he steps on
to the threshold of teens, the circumstances demand specific technique to
handle them.

The reason is that there are so many physiological &
biological changes in the child that the child itself is confused at the
changes and it is not easy for them to accept the changes and they become
irritant and the interference from parents or guardians acts like oil in fire.

Along with the major transformations, they feel that they
are grown up individuals and they start demanding attention and they wish that
their voices are heard, so emotional outburst are the common phenomena of this

It is very difficult to tackle the children at this age and
it requires lot of patience and tactics to handle them.

How to handle the growing wizards?

First and foremost, the parents need to be patient and
friendly with the child and handle their tantrums tactfully.

Stop nagging and interfering, rather develop the habit of
listening what the child need to say.

Even if the child is wrong or you dislike his way of doing
things, don’t be straightforward showing your reluctance rather make him
understand by citing examples.

This is the age when the interest develops in opposite sex
and don’t stop the child from making friends of opposite sex rather persuade
him to be friendly.

Persuade your child to bring his friends at home and you too
be friendly with his friends, this way, you would know what company your child
keeps and you can weed out the unwanted by making him understand things.

Children in pre-teens or late teens are not easy nuts to
crack, they need a lot of smothering and the child should have confidence in

In this tender age, parents need to watchful; act as a spy
but the child should not know that their movements are watched, that is the
trick of parenting in this age.

Drop the anger, attitude and rod in this phase of child’s
life, your perseverance will help him to grow into healthy individuals.

You don’t need to rush else your child will be on right

In this age, child develops interests in sports &
movies, start idol worship or can indulge in puppy love.

The parents need to nurture the endurance capacity to watch
their child doing cumbersome things and don’t react to it. Your reaction can

Develop friendly terms with your child, accompany them to
movies and restaurants and allow them to interact with their friends.

Any strict rule and regulation can spoil your child.

Allow them to indulge in their hobbies along with studies
and discipline him to manage time.

Time management is important.

How I managed my children?

I reared my child in this simple way.

Even if I disliked their ways, I never reacted rather
explained them through examples of real life stories and movies.

I gave them freedom to enjoy all the goodies of life but in
a disciplined way.

There were fixed hours for playing, regular studies, reading
comics and novels, watching TV shows and indulging in their hobbies and in
extra time, they helped me in my chores.
I befriended their friends of both the sex, went out for
movies, exhibitions and outings in weekends and holidays and gave them their
pocket money to handle their monetary affairs.

This way, they learnt financial management and even saved few
pennies from the meager amount that was provided to them for enjoying the

Even the days were fixed for playing video games in video
parlours and enjoying ice creams once or twice in a week.

I kept my promises, never ditched them.

I gave them the liberty to bring his girl friends at home so
that I could judge their equation.

I used to tip toe in their bedrooms as a spy and monitored
their each and every movement and guided them accordingly.

My children are my good friends and now they are working and
independent but still we three celebrate the bond of our friendship.

I request the parents to handle your pre-teens and teens
with great care and give them the liberty bonded by discipline so that they can
fully enjoy their life and you too remain calm that your child is on right

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 Thank You.


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Musings VII



I was hurt & sobbing

You gave your shoulder to cry.

I was high after drinks

You cleaned me dry.

I was angry & abused you in public

Still you defended me.

Who are you, Dear?

How you are so patient?

He clasped me hard in his arms and said

“I am your best friend and I don’t judge you. Once we are friends, will always be friends and you don’t need to be formal, I have accepted you as you are.”

Tears washed his fears.




Thank You!


*Thoughts Uncovered *

Food Habits #AtoZChallenge

Common complain of Mothers is that they are fed up with the
food habits of their child and whenever Moms gather, they try to discuss and
exchange opinions about food habits of their children and all confronts the
same issue that there child does not eat much or she has to spend hours in
front of TV, computer or mobile to feed them.
I was watching the mothers fret and fume. I was out of the
circle because my kids are now grown up individuals and now they pamper me with
my favourite food.

I was the mute spectator.

After watching them helpless, I started my lecture and asked
them to change their style first rather than blaming the child.

All was aghast and few laughed at my advice.

“Ma’am, you are out of the problem now, so you are blaming
us.” They said in unison.

“I never faced problem with my kids in rearing or feeding
them.” I told them the truth.

The reason was simple.

While rearing my child, I never forgot my childhood and the
issues that I had faced in my childhood and made it a point not to repeat the mistake
that I had confronted in my life due to over pampered.

I was born after losing my elder sibling, that too a boy.
The whole family of extended family members waited for my arrival and when I
arrived, I was over pampered by my father & grandparents. My mother
couldn’t dare to put me right and there I missed the right flight.

I was given, what I demanded and I was fed what I desired,
either it was prepared at home or bought from restaurant. The direct result was
that I preferred to eat very few vegetables, more focus was on non-veg items
and tongue tickling savouries.

I was totally spoilt and my food habits were erratic.

When I grew up, I faced lot of issues in eating at relatives
or friends place because I never preferred the food that was presented on my
dish and this irritated me.
When I became mother, I vowed not to repeat the mistake that
my elders had done and was quite strict in food habits.

My advice for Mothers:

  • Never cook separate meals for your children,
    feed them that is cooked in the house.

  • When he starts eating, spread the dish in front of
    him and let him eat. Mothers don’t offer food to kids fearing mess around. He will
    surely mess around but will learn to eat in the long run, stop coaxing

  • In the beginning, child won’t eat what you cook
    but when there won’t be any alternative, they will start eating all the stuff.

  • If kid is not ready to eat, don’t feed
    forcefully, gradually they will turn wild and will adopt irritating behaviour. When the child will be hungry, he will eat.

  • Act as a child in the company of your child, you
    will enjoy his tantrums and the child will become your close friend in the
    long run.

Try to adopt these and watch the difference in you and your
child, both will be happy.


Thank You.


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Musings VI


Many times, I wonder

When we have to bid good bye to this beautiful world with empty hands

then so much hue & cry over the materialistic things of the world,

Just imagine, what would have been the situation, if we had the option to carry our belongings after Death.

Give a thought to it!

We arrive in this world empty handed and we depart from this world empty handed but till we are breathing, we are running after gathering possessions…isn’t it weird.





Thank You!


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Encourage #AtoZChallenge

                                                                                     Source: here

The words of encouragement acts like rain on the parched
island and it boosts the individual to stand out in the crowd or stand with the

My view is that each and every parents & teachers should
learn the art of encouragement and encourage their kids and students…it goes a
long way in moulding the child with positive attitude.

Instead of saying, “Yeh Tumse nahin hoga.”

Say, “Yeh Tum easily kar loge.”

See the difference in your child.

He will look at things with assertiveness and will try to achieve
whether it is his studies, hobbies or sports.

The words of encouragement instigate their mind and they do
the things happily.

If you say the things with negative approach, the child gets
irritated or it hurts his ego and the result is negative.

Say positive and positive things will come to you and

The positive words generate positive energy and negative
words brings in negativity.
Start believing in your child and boost him to take chances
and even if he fails, don’t ridicule him with bitterness rather encourage him
to do best next time and certainly, he will do better.

If a child is ridiculed, bitterness crops up in his mind and
he regards himself a failure and loses all hope.

I request the parents, guardians and teachers to change the
attitude towards children especially in their initial years of growth, don’t
pester him rather encourage him. 

Believe in him & discuss freely with your

Do you agree with my views…Do share friends.


Thank You.


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Musings V


The desk in the living room was decked up with delectable delicacies dressed by my Dear Mom…drawing me to  savor the delicacies.







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Donate Organs #AtoZChallenge

Donation of organs is a noble thing and each one of us
should enroll for the donation & all the organs that can be used should be
My heart comes to mouth when I recall the news of the Bangalore youth, who was crushed to death and in spite of been in pain, he declared that his organs should be donated after death…humanity exists on earth, this incident proves it. 
In ancient times, people had religious perceptions and could not think of donating organs but now when the technology has advanced and
awareness programmes are carried by different schools of thought, many people have enrolled for the same. 
Still, it is lacking and many people are leading a life in the deficiency of organs and many lose life in the waiting period.
I have got my family enrolled for the organ donation and request all to come forward to donate the organs after death and give life to different lives and brighten their life.
This is the noble cause and one should enroll for it and even who haven’t enrolled, their family members can come forward to donate the organs to the people who are leading a life in pain.
A person can brighten the lives of 8 people, isn’t it great?
You still live a Life after Death.
Spread the message among your relatives, friends, society, and place where you reside.
 I have done my part, Now it’s Your Turn

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Donor Card

Creativity #AtoZChallenge

Mother’s lap is the first school of the kids and the first
words that babies babble are Maa & Mamma.

The first person that the baby recognizes is her mother,
first by her body smell and gradually by her face.

The impact of Mom is immense in the life of the baby. In initial
years, maximum time is spent with her mother and this influences the child to a
great extent.

I lead a life of Creativity and love to indulge in creating
things and the same thing, I instilled in my kids and it was a great fun along
with my tiny tots.

I believe in doing things on my own and I made my children
independent in this arena.
My eldest child, M loved drawing pictures and cartoons and
from the age of one and a half, he used to draw figures and different shapes of
different sizes.

When I was expecting my second child, the eldest one was
just one and a half and I had to manage him & myself all alone. My better
half was in marketing job and so his job demand was that maximum time, he was
on tour. As days came closer of delivery, I found it difficult to run after M
and so I devised a plan discovering my child’s interest in drawing.

I got drawing book and coloured pencil for him and guided
him to draw different shapes & sizes and he carried it out with great
interest. In this way, he was manageable and learnt the early techniques of
drawing and remained happy…in this way, he got creative and I got rest from
running after him in pregnancy.
As they grew up, I used to take their help in gardening, in
decorating the house on special occasions and in kitchen.

This way, they learnt great many things and their creativity
sparked and I loved their company.

Watching them learn and completing things with me satisfied
me to the core and I enjoyed doing in their company.

I don’t watch TV show much and I kept them busy after school
so that they watch less TV shows.

I believe that the gadgets kills creativity, it provides ready-made solutions and thus there is no place of creativity to grow.

Now they are grown up responsible kids and are well versed
in drawing, cooking, decorating homes and managing outside world with a

Creativity helped them to grow into positive mind-set

I request Moms of today to recognize the virtues of their
children and mould them accordingly.

Creativity helps children to grow into responsible
individuals and there are minimal chances to go astray.

Hope the readers will agree with my views.

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Thank You.


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Musings IV


To lead a life loaded with fun & happiness

Be ready to square off with the circumstances.

To achieve something concrete

You need to be savvy in your approach. 

Relationships are loosing their sheen because none are ready to compromise with the situation, be it home front or in the outside world.

The reason that I have concluded is that people take the word Compromise in a negative way ignoring the positive aspects.

If you love the company of your relations & friends, you will square off easily with head held high.

It’s my take…Share in your views.


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