Musings VIII


We need to be thankful for what we have, but do we do or feel so…very few. Many take it as their own creation and don’t fathom to give the credit to others. It’s true the creativity that one creates is his own power but what about the powers that we are enjoying for free and the source is natural and free, not a single penny is charged for enormous facility…what is that…The natural resources that we are using in our daily life, Sunlight; Moonlight; Breeze & Water.

Just imagine a day without sunlight, water and breeze…life will not sustain how hard the human  intelligentsia  works for it…so we should extend our gratitude to the unseen creator who has crafted this world so beautifully regulating with ample resources and we should take care that we use it in a gentle way to reserve for the posterity.Life would have been dull without these natural resources.

I am thankful to God for the beautiful nature around and his creations.


Thank You!


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