Musings IX


People enter the temple to beg for heaven

ignoring the beggars at the entrance of the temple.

If you really wish to avail heaven in your life

Help the real needy people.

Instead of donating money & jewelry to temples

Donate the same to educate the child of an unprivileged.

Heaven or Hell is on the Earth

Your deeds decide your Fate.

People throng in temples requesting God to help them to attain peace and prosperity and donate lots & lots so that their requests are heard.

My belief is that if you feed a thirsty, your action will be rewarded but if you feed a satiated person, there is no value of your deed.

Heaven or Hell both are on Earth and your Karma decides your future.



Thank You!


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3 thoughts on “Musings IX”

  1. Heaven or Hell is on the Earth
    Your deeds decide your Fate.Passionately believe this.

  2. abhiray59 says:

    Nice thoughts. A point to ponder, many temples also feed poor, run hospitals and dispensaries, some even educate. So all are not bad. At the same time, giving money to needy always do not do them much good. This is not an excuse. But a different set of thoughts. I like your thoughts though. They are pure and good.

  3. Ila Varma says:

    I do agree that giving money to needy don't always help them but donations to temples are also not doing good. help the real needy by helping them in giving education or donating in the girls marriage will certainly help.

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