Sunday, April 23, 2017

More Indian than you think #Indicontest

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I am proud to be an Indian....Vande Mataram.

When I was in school and when too many constraints were put on us then I thought that we are living in the conservative society and the Americans are the better. They have liberal attitude and parents and society don’t coax much as India. Gradually when I grew up and discovered more about foreign countries then I concluded that I was living in one of the best country where we have freedom to choose our religion and faith, doctrine and dogmas and no religion is imposed on us.

The traditions and cultures are unique of our country and is quite scientific. In primitive days, people were not educated so the scientific process to be followed was presented before the people in the name of religion. Basically, it is the science that has positive effects on human body.

I believe India is the only country which is diverse and there is Unity in Diversity and together it is a myriad of hues. The traditions, food & dressing habits and cultures differ from one place to another and the lifestyle adopted is according to the local climate and weather of the place.

In North, people keep the broom on floor whereas in South, people keep the broom upright. Upright broom in North is regarded as inauspicious and South people consider inauspicious if broom is kept on the floor. The basic reason behind this custom, I feel that it is due to the weather of the place. In South, the weather is moderate so keeping it on the floor will damage the broom. This is one example.

The Ayurveda had its advent in our land and the herbs used are mainly found in our country and today, Ayurveda healing is practiced all over the world. The people in abroad come to India to learn Ayurveda medicines….This is what India is.

Family system and stable marriages are the virtues of Indian thought. In many parts of the world, family system does not exist. As soon as the children attain the age of adulthood, they move to live independent and are not bothered about the welfare of their parents. No doubt, excellent facilities exists to take care of the ailing and needy but personal touch is missing whereas in India, relationships exist on personal touch.
In India, it is believed that Marriages are made in heaven, hence it is seen as a sacred institution and the marriage is not just the affair of a couple. Marriage is between the two families and all are connected with each other. The couple and the family leaves no stone unturned to save the marriage in case there is conflict. The marriage is disintegrated when there is no way of reconciliation…Indian mentality so concerning and so pious.

Despite urbanization and joint family disintegration, still the family members take care of each other when someone is in financial crisis or emotional disturbance. This personal touch adds grace to relationships and the bond of connection is strong.
Even one is ill or is suffering from chronic illness, family members take care of the ailing person. Money can buy nursing care but the care by the relatives boost the morale of the person and the person is healed in less time.

I am proud of my country and I feel proud to be called Indian. And we are more Indian than we are thought to be.


  1. Interesting viewpoints here. Thanks for sharing

  2. I've always been close to india, and recently spoke to a bunch of Americans to definitely keep our country in their travel-worthy list!