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The woman is reborn when she becomes a mother. Howsoever
careless she was, the day she cuddles her bundle of joy, she becomes
responsible, caring and her heart is full of love. Her day starts with the
child and her night ends with her child. She is so obsessed to give her child
all the wonderful things of the world.

She is always on the spree how to make her motherhood
enjoyable and devises ways to achieve them and there she becomes Mom-Hacker.

To spend more time with her child, she discovers shortcut method
to comply with the demands as a Mother, wife and at times as a daughter-in-law.
God made woman very strong from inside and she is used to
multi-tasking. Woman power is often associated with Devi Durga and she has the
ability of Devi to handle multiple things at one time, still she desires to
apply few shortcuts to meet the demand of the situation.

The morning hours are hectic when the kids are young, you
need multiple hands to juggle between school and office timings plus getting
oneself ready to leave the kids to the bus stop. One has to run around packing tiffin’s,
getting them dressed and fed, taking out the office dress of husband.


To manage those errands in a smooth manner, I adopted few
kitchen hacks to get relieved in the morning hours and to control my
temperament which gets on high on pressure of too many work at the same time.
In the night, kids slept early and I had ample time to
arrange the things for morning chores.

  • I prepared the dough at night and stored in the

  • The vegetables to be prepared next morning were
    cut and washed at night.

  • Ironed the dresses of my kids and hubby and hung
    in the designated wardrobe from where they could take themselves without
    troubling me.

  • The shoes were polished.

This organised structure eased my morning schedules and I
was cool n happy watching things run in a smooth manner. My cool temperament
kept the family members at ease and they remained happy.


A homemaker is in trouble when uninvited guests pour in and
it adds more distress if your maid is absent. To encounter it coolly, I store
Cold drinks & juices in refrigerator. I prepare Aam panna and store in
bottles, ready to serve with mint. It is refreshing drink in summers. I store
ready to make coffee blends to prepare hot and cold coffee as per the climate.

For winters, I store homemade cookies, both sugary & salty and besan laddoos to serve the guests.


On birthdays & anniversary, I believe to throw a party
with homemade servings. I love cooking and serving, it’s quite refreshing for
me. I feel happy to entertain people with my cooked food. But we need a proper
planning to make the guests & oneself comfortable.

  • Cut the required vegetables and store neatly in the fridge

  • Fry the kebabs twelve hours before the party.

  • Marinate non-veg 12 hours prior to party.

  • Knead the required dough for puris.

  • Prepare custards and ice-cream a day before to serve cool

  • Check your kitchen store and buy the lacking items one to
    two day before. Don’t wait for last minute.

  • Grind the required masalas and fry them 12 hours before the

  • Wash the cutleries a day before the party.

  • Change the linen and prior to the covers two days party day.

  • Decide your dress a week before and if you need something,

If the above things are done before the D-day, you and your
guests will enjoy the party. Your smiles will give warm welcome to your guests
and your organised party will be appreciated by all. My style of throwing party
is mentioned above in detail.


  • Cleaning and maintaining cleanliness is a tough job and
    needs a lot of planning. 

Instead of doing all the things in a day, divide the cleaning jobs.

  • I have divided my cleaning chores throughout the
    weekdays excluding Sundays. Sundays are for family and the kids have freedom to

  • One room is cleaned every day and it goes in

  • In morning hours, there is a lot of rush so I
    run my washing machine in noon during winters and in late evenings in summers.

  • I clean my bathroom daily and the rest of
    the family members do the same. This way the bathroom is always clean n dry.

  • Dusting is done every day to ward off dusts and

These hacks reduces the burden and the work is done with ease. Scheduling and doing things in routine eases
troubles and we tend to leave a stress free life.

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  1. Deepa says:

    Wow Ila..great hacks. After reading your post I realised we moms are really multi taskers and manage things so well. Thanks for linking up with #MMM 🙂

  2. Mother's day is coming.Surely gonna show my mom.

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