Growing old means growing wiser with each passing day. This
is quite true for the people who have passed the teenage era.

The transition phase of a child from childhood to entry in
teens and surpassing teens is very crucial and needs lot of parental care &
patience to deal with the child in those phases.

When the kid is below nine or ten, you can handle his
tantrums by been lenient or strict as the situation demands but as he steps on
to the threshold of teens, the circumstances demand specific technique to
handle them.

The reason is that there are so many physiological &
biological changes in the child that the child itself is confused at the
changes and it is not easy for them to accept the changes and they become
irritant and the interference from parents or guardians acts like oil in fire.

Along with the major transformations, they feel that they
are grown up individuals and they start demanding attention and they wish that
their voices are heard, so emotional outburst are the common phenomena of this

It is very difficult to tackle the children at this age and
it requires lot of patience and tactics to handle them.

How to handle the growing wizards?

First and foremost, the parents need to be patient and
friendly with the child and handle their tantrums tactfully.

Stop nagging and interfering, rather develop the habit of
listening what the child need to say.

Even if the child is wrong or you dislike his way of doing
things, don’t be straightforward showing your reluctance rather make him
understand by citing examples.

This is the age when the interest develops in opposite sex
and don’t stop the child from making friends of opposite sex rather persuade
him to be friendly.

Persuade your child to bring his friends at home and you too
be friendly with his friends, this way, you would know what company your child
keeps and you can weed out the unwanted by making him understand things.

Children in pre-teens or late teens are not easy nuts to
crack, they need a lot of smothering and the child should have confidence in

In this tender age, parents need to watchful; act as a spy
but the child should not know that their movements are watched, that is the
trick of parenting in this age.

Drop the anger, attitude and rod in this phase of child’s
life, your perseverance will help him to grow into healthy individuals.

You don’t need to rush else your child will be on right

In this age, child develops interests in sports &
movies, start idol worship or can indulge in puppy love.

The parents need to nurture the endurance capacity to watch
their child doing cumbersome things and don’t react to it. Your reaction can

Develop friendly terms with your child, accompany them to
movies and restaurants and allow them to interact with their friends.

Any strict rule and regulation can spoil your child.

Allow them to indulge in their hobbies along with studies
and discipline him to manage time.

Time management is important.

How I managed my children?

I reared my child in this simple way.

Even if I disliked their ways, I never reacted rather
explained them through examples of real life stories and movies.

I gave them freedom to enjoy all the goodies of life but in
a disciplined way.

There were fixed hours for playing, regular studies, reading
comics and novels, watching TV shows and indulging in their hobbies and in
extra time, they helped me in my chores.
I befriended their friends of both the sex, went out for
movies, exhibitions and outings in weekends and holidays and gave them their
pocket money to handle their monetary affairs.

This way, they learnt financial management and even saved few
pennies from the meager amount that was provided to them for enjoying the

Even the days were fixed for playing video games in video
parlours and enjoying ice creams once or twice in a week.

I kept my promises, never ditched them.

I gave them the liberty to bring his girl friends at home so
that I could judge their equation.

I used to tip toe in their bedrooms as a spy and monitored
their each and every movement and guided them accordingly.

My children are my good friends and now they are working and
independent but still we three celebrate the bond of our friendship.

I request the parents to handle your pre-teens and teens
with great care and give them the liberty bonded by discipline so that they can
fully enjoy their life and you too remain calm that your child is on right

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