Common complain of Mothers is that they are fed up with the
food habits of their child and whenever Moms gather, they try to discuss and
exchange opinions about food habits of their children and all confronts the
same issue that there child does not eat much or she has to spend hours in
front of TV, computer or mobile to feed them.
I was watching the mothers fret and fume. I was out of the
circle because my kids are now grown up individuals and now they pamper me with
my favourite food.

I was the mute spectator.

After watching them helpless, I started my lecture and asked
them to change their style first rather than blaming the child.

All was aghast and few laughed at my advice.

“Ma’am, you are out of the problem now, so you are blaming
us.” They said in unison.

“I never faced problem with my kids in rearing or feeding
them.” I told them the truth.

The reason was simple.

While rearing my child, I never forgot my childhood and the
issues that I had faced in my childhood and made it a point not to repeat the mistake
that I had confronted in my life due to over pampered.

I was born after losing my elder sibling, that too a boy.
The whole family of extended family members waited for my arrival and when I
arrived, I was over pampered by my father & grandparents. My mother
couldn’t dare to put me right and there I missed the right flight.

I was given, what I demanded and I was fed what I desired,
either it was prepared at home or bought from restaurant. The direct result was
that I preferred to eat very few vegetables, more focus was on non-veg items
and tongue tickling savouries.

I was totally spoilt and my food habits were erratic.

When I grew up, I faced lot of issues in eating at relatives
or friends place because I never preferred the food that was presented on my
dish and this irritated me.
When I became mother, I vowed not to repeat the mistake that
my elders had done and was quite strict in food habits.

My advice for Mothers:

  • Never cook separate meals for your children,
    feed them that is cooked in the house.

  • When he starts eating, spread the dish in front of
    him and let him eat. Mothers don’t offer food to kids fearing mess around. He will
    surely mess around but will learn to eat in the long run, stop coaxing

  • In the beginning, child won’t eat what you cook
    but when there won’t be any alternative, they will start eating all the stuff.

  • If kid is not ready to eat, don’t feed
    forcefully, gradually they will turn wild and will adopt irritating behaviour. When the child will be hungry, he will eat.

  • Act as a child in the company of your child, you
    will enjoy his tantrums and the child will become your close friend in the
    long run.

Try to adopt these and watch the difference in you and your
child, both will be happy.


Thank You.


*Keep Smiling*


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