Thursday, April 6, 2017

Encourage #AtoZChallenge

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The words of encouragement acts like rain on the parched island and it boosts the individual to stand out in the crowd or stand with the crowd.

My view is that each and every parents & teachers should learn the art of encouragement and encourage their kids and students…it goes a long way in moulding the child with positive attitude.

Instead of saying, “Yeh Tumse nahin hoga.”

Say, “Yeh Tum easily kar loge.”

See the difference in your child.

He will look at things with assertiveness and will try to achieve whether it is his studies, hobbies or sports.

The words of encouragement instigate their mind and they do the things happily.

If you say the things with negative approach, the child gets irritated or it hurts his ego and the result is negative.

Say positive and positive things will come to you and vice-versa.

The positive words generate positive energy and negative words brings in negativity.
Start believing in your child and boost him to take chances and even if he fails, don’t ridicule him with bitterness rather encourage him to do best next time and certainly, he will do better.

If a child is ridiculed, bitterness crops up in his mind and he regards himself a failure and loses all hope.

I request the parents, guardians and teachers to change the attitude towards children especially in their initial years of growth, don’t pester him rather encourage him. 

Believe in him & discuss freely with your child.

Do you agree with my views…Do share friends.


Thank You.


*Keep Smiling*


  1. Encourage for a child is so important

  2. Such a positive note to begin one's day!


  3. so true. A child needs that encouragement to push through the negative stuff in our world.
    A Piece of Uganda

  4. Yes! I totally agree! I think that sometimes though we tell kids positive things, and forget that adults need to hear the positives also. I am a teacher, but I feel like the only thing I ever hear from people is all the stuff they think I am doing wrong. I wish that our world was more focused on what everyone is doing right, instead of pointing out the mistakes! It would make this world a much happier place!