Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Donate Organs #AtoZChallenge

Donation of organs is a noble thing and each one of us should enroll for the donation & all the organs that can be used should be retrieved.

My heart comes to mouth, when I recall the news of the Bangalore youth, who was crushed to death and in spite of been in pain, he declared that his organs should be donated after death…humanity resides on earth, this incident proves it.

In ancient times, people had religious perceptions and could not think of donating organs but now when the technology has advanced and awareness programmes are carried by different schools of thought, many people have enrolled for the same.

Still, it is lacking and many people are leading a life in the deficiency of organs and many lose life in waiting period.

I have got my family enrolled for the organ donation and request all to come forward to donate the organs after death and give life to different lives and brighten their life.
This is the noble cause and one should enroll for it and even who haven’t enrolled, their family members can come forward to donate the organs to the people who are leading life in pain.

A person can brighten the lives of five people, isn’t it great?

You still live life after death.

Spread the message among your relatives, friends, society and place where you reside.

I have done my part, have you done yours?

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Thank You.


*Keep Smiling*


  1. WOW! This is indeed a very important point you have raised in this post. And it is commendable that you and your entire family is enrolled in the program. Could you share the process and how to go about signing up for this? It is a big scary.

    1. Thanks Ishieta