Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Creativity #AtoZChallenge

Mother’s lap is the first school of the kids and the first words that babies babble are Maa & Mamma.

The first person that the baby recognizes is her mother, first by her body smell and gradually by her face.

The impact of Mom is immense in the life of the baby. In initial years, maximum time is spent with her mother and this influences the child to a great extent.

I lead a life of Creativity and love to indulge in creating things and the same thing, I instilled in my kids and it was a great fun along with my tiny tots.

I believe in doing things on my own and I made my children independent in this arena.
My eldest child, M loved drawing pictures and cartoons and from the age of one and a half, he used to draw figures and different shapes of different sizes.

When I was expecting my second child, the eldest one was just one and a half and I had to manage him & myself all alone. My better half was in marketing job and so his job demand was that maximum time, he was on tour. As days came closer of delivery, I found it difficult to run after M and so I devised a plan discovering my child’s interest in drawing.

I got drawing book and coloured pencil for him and guided him to draw different shapes & sizes and he carried it out with great interest. In this way, he was manageable and learnt the early techniques of drawing and remained happy…in this way, he got creative and I got rest from running after him in pregnancy.

As they grew up, I used to take their help in gardening, in decorating the house on special occasions and in kitchen.

This way, they learnt great many things and their creativity sparked and I loved their company.

Watching them learn and completing things with me satisfied me to the core and I enjoyed doing in their company.

I don’t watch TV show much and I kept them busy after school so that they watch less TV shows.

I believe that the gadgets kills creativity, it provides ready-made solutions and thus there is no place of creativity to grow.

Now they are grown up responsible kids and are well versed in drawing, cooking, decorating homes and managing outside world with a responsibility.

Creativity helped them to grow into positive mind-set individuals.

I request Moms of today to recognize the virtues of their children and mould them accordingly.

Creativity helps children to grow into responsible individuals and there are minimal chances to go astray.

Hope the readers will agree with my views.

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Thank You.


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  1. I'd buy my kid a mobile so he can he can expand his vocabulary and learn a new language.

  2. I make my little one draw and garden with me too .We have great fun doing craft stuff too.Lovely post Ila .We love learning from your experience on #MondayMoMMYmoments .

  3. Lovely post Ila and so true. It is a good message for all the moms to just let them be. Thanks for linking up with #MondayMommyMoments