Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Are you Just With Your Children? #AtoZChallenge

Many times, we come across such parents who favour one child more than the other. I feel very bad for those kids and I believe that been unjust, the parents are creating a strife between the siblings.

It is not healthy for the children, it stunts their emotional growth and inferiority complex envelops them.

Many times, I wonder as to why parents differentiate between their children when all are their own offspring.

In many families, younger ones are more pampered and elder one is shelved with responsibility though the difference between the siblings are only two to three years.
At times, the sincere or studious kid is pampered or is the centre of attraction.

Through my article, I wish to address to all the parents to be JUST with their kids.

All are your offspring, the same pain you have undergone to bring them to this world, so justified treatment should be given to all.

Treat all the kids alike and give them the same opportunity.

Don’t compare the children, complex develops within the child and it affects their personality. Even sibling rivalry develops among the children.

Parents or other members of the family should take care to treat all alike in spite of differences in their persona & presentation.

I believe the kid who is weak needs more care than the sincere ones. Push your child to do better.

Your encouraging words will bring in a lot of positive changes.

Don’t bully them or discourage them.

The elder one is too a kid, two three years difference doesn’t make him a man, hence responsibility should not be loaded rather it is should be well distributed among them and they will take as a challenge to complete n will rather enjoy doing it.

A child who fetches good numbers in class or is a bright student is more cared by the parents than the other one who is average in studies. The disparity among children should be abolished.

Parents, do justice in sharing your love towards your children.

Justified treatment will enhance the persona of the children and they will grow into independent entity with healthy mind & positive thoughts.

Children with positive thoughts are an asset to the society too and we can hope for safe environment in society.

I believe that the frustrated souls are the species who create nuisance in society by indulging in eve teasing, murder, rape etc.

Parents love and care is the important ingredient in the life of a child and the basic care and affection moulds their personality.

Do you support my view?

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Thank You.


*Keep Smiling*

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