Our world revolves around Women and there are numerous of
them at every nook of our life and their role is commendable in instilling good
values & morality as well as she is the creator of this universe. She has
created me too and today, I am a woman of substance just because of a Woman in
my life.

I have been asked to choose five women in my life, whose
role played vital role in my life…I was born into a joint family so one or two
women were not there, there were too many heads…my great grandmother, my
granny, my mother, my aunts & bua’s…they all were women but still despised
the birth of a girl in the family…narrow mind-set.
My birth was celebrated with great pomp n show because my
predecessor was a son who was still born and thereafter, I arrived in this
family after long years of his death…family members had lost hope…so, I was
considered lucky to arrive and so I was the apple of the eye of the members in
& out of the family.
My Granny was the first woman in my life, who did not give
birth to me but she was My Karmic Maa, who introduced me to this world and
showered all her love & affection on me and I was so enamoured in her love
that I didn’t recognize My Dharmic Maa. The child seeks love and understands
the language of smiles, love & affection and Granny well fitted in this
frame. She cuddled me into her arms and I loved the softness of her wrinkled
skin. My childhood world revolved around her and I did not leave her for a
moment. She was my full time mother attending to all my chores & whole
night, I slept on her arm. She taught me the basics of life and imbibed good
virtues in me. The best thing about her was she was very patient and her
tolerance level was remarkable. She did not get annoyed easily and I was fan of
her cute smiles. She left me for another world when I became mother of my tiny
tots and understood the fact of life, death. I feel lucky to have her in my
life and pray that we meet again in another life in changed roles but prefer to
be born a woman.
My Bua’s presence were important in my life because they
were the one who took great care of my personality; external appearance as well
as internal beauty. They groomed us well and taught how to be smart and
presentable and in my childhood, I was careless and hated powder and kajal and
for that they even spanked me. They played with us, sang lullabies and songs
and I gained a lot in their company.
My Sisters: We are four sisters & I am the eldest one.
We share nice compatibility that doesn’t mean, we don’t argue or discuss. We
don’t agree easily but the bond is strong between us and in spite of
differences in opinion, we are glued with each other and we stand united. The
best thing that I love about our relationship is that we don’t try to compete
each other nor jealousy brew within us and we stand for each other as situation
demands. Being the eldest one, they respect me a lot and I too reciprocate with
the same values.
My Teacher: I am indebted to all my teachers who made me
what I am today but there was one teacher in my life, who stood by me when I
required her support in the subject and she tutored me free of cost ( my father
disagreed for tuitions) and gave her valuable time to help me out in Maths. My
heart goes out to her. She is no more in this world but she resides in my heart
for her greatness and her helping attitude.

My Mom: I chose to discuss her in last because she is mine
and I didn’t wish to discuss about her in very first though the line starts
from her but I decided to close it with her…she is infinity for me. I won’t
say, I am indebted to her because God chose me for her and I brought back her
happiness which she had lost along with her first child. She is very strong and
iron lady with super will power and can stand any adversity in life and even
she challenged Death. Her super powers inspire me. The only drawback in her
that she gets easily worried about her children and she loses her patience. She
is simple and kind, dedicated to family and god and fond of treating people
with variety of foods…I have inherited her quality of treating people. She
never backs out from problem, rather sometime she creates one…. (We tease her
so). I thank god to give her as my mother in my life.

Initially, I was more attached with granny but when I myself
became a Mom then I realized her importance and her care and felt sorry for
ignoring her all these years. Now we share a close proximity and at times, I
act as her mother but she doesn’t listen to anyone.
There have been many woman in my life whose care and
affection has brought me at this stage where I am an independent woman, full of
love and sympathy for the needy, affection for all and always ready to help others
in my means and at times, I stretch at necessity.

These five hold supreme positions in my life and I will be
indebted to all of them throughout my life.

Life without a Woman…just can’t imagine one.

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